Dieting with a little help from your friends can help you lose weight

One of the things I miss most about my old job was the lunch break, especially during winter, when we dreaded leaving the office so most of the employees would order in, or bring leftovers.

I remember how much we enjoyed eating together. Food played quite an important role at the office.


Looking at someone's plate is almost like looking into their souls. Those unhealthy coworkers that ate fast food were always attacked by the rest of the group. "How can you eat that disgusting and greasy burger?" Then there are the health nuts, with their boring salads with tofu everyday, and the gourmet-types who bring in leftovers from last night's sophisticated coq au vin. 

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Without failure, there is always someone doing a diet. It could be Atkins, Mediterranean, the Lemonade diet--whatever their method of losing weight, it made the rest of the office feel bad about their own food choices. That is why when I read about the newest trend of doing office master cleanses together,  I thought it was an awesome idea.

Group cleanses generally last one-to-five-days, and involve all-liquid diets with anywhere from a half-dozen to 150 employees taking part! It's emerging as one of the latest ways to solidify corporate bonds

Eric Helms, who founded the four-year-old Cooler Cleanse company with actress Salma Hayek says office cleansers now make up 30 percent of their business. 

Oprah Winfrey's entire production staff in Chicago completed a three-day cleanse as well as another group of colleagues at Shape Magazine--and in the end, they pretty much all claimed that cleansing with colleagues was amazing because of the moral support.

People can hang out together at lunchtime or take their bottles to the park and once the week is done, the feeling of team accomplishment is much bigger than doing it all by yourself. I imagine it's the same as running a marathon together.

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In any case, if you work in an office and you're looking to lose some weight, don't go your own way. Get a couple of colleagues or your whole department (if you are an overachiever) to agree on the liquid cleanse!

Do you agree that dieting with coworkers helps with weight loss?

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