Family bands together & loses over 200 pounds!

Pardon the pun but… the family that bands together, loses weight together!

And in this family's case, it's REALLY true. Frank Scafuri, his wife Mary, his sister Jennifer and another family all decided to get the lap band weight loss surgery together—and have now lost a ton of weight. I mean, really, talk about a family supporting each other! It's no surprise to me that doing it together is what they say is the secret to their success. 


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Apparently Frank and his sister Jennifer have a similar story as I do: both have been overweight since childhood. After Frank got the surgery in July 2010 and dropped 135 pounds, Jennifer saw his success and decided to do the same, losing 70 pounds so far and aiming to lose 30 more. Their younger brother and Frank's wife follow, and their mom is set to get the surgery later this year. Meanwhile, Jennifer explains how she came to this decision—and why the family support is important: 

I must have lost and gained about 10 people in my lifetime. We come from a big Italian family. My mother likes to feed us. We go to her house and there are maybe 10 of us, but she'll cook for 25. Now, there are four of us asking her to not make as much food, or to cook healthy foods.

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I know it's not easy to lose weight all by yourself, which is why this story of the family coming together to all gradually get healthier is so amazing. I mean, encouraging and inspiring each other and, of course, keeping each other in check later on is definitely the best way to stay on track and motivated. I'd definitely love to get this support from my family—especially when it comes to healthier eating! In the meantime, I'm just inspired by all of their success and want to say CONGRATS!

Have you ever tried to lose weight with other family members? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Frank Scafuri

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