Stop fighting with your family over food!

Does your family sit around at night, arguing about what food they'll be eating for dinner? Mine does.

Although I will often agree with my parents and brother about where we want to go for dinner, if we're going out to a restaurant, sometimes it all comes to terrible, loud blows. We're not a very quiet family, so when we argue, it is LOUD. And often we're arguing about where we want to eat. You see, my dad's quite a picky eater—he only likes a few cuisines, really. Meanwhile, my brother doesn't always want to go out and I often want to eat at a healthier (sometimes vegetarian) restaurant. So what's a family of picky eaters to do? Apparently, though, my family isn't the only one judging each other because of the way we eat.


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A new survey among vegetarians and meat eaters, conducted by, has found that 96% of vegetarians are willing to date an omnivore (as in, a person who'll eat just about anything) whereas 30% of omnivores said that they would NOT consider dating a vegetarian or vegan. Um, what's going on here? You'd think that someone who can eat anything wouldn't mind someone who's more, ahem, strict—but it turns out just the opposite is true.

Well, I can understand that. Even though I'm not dating someone who's food tastes are different than mine, I experience this ALL THE TIME within my own family. It's sometimes the most difficult thing in the world to rip my dad away from his favorite food (Cuban) or his second favorite (Japanese). In fact, I remember how, when I was younger, the only time we'd go for Italian food (one of my favorites) was on MY birthday when my parents had no choice but to keep their mouths shut.

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Being a picky eater these days is really not great for your health, though. I know that one of the main reasons that I try to push my dad to join me at vegetarian or healthy-eating restaurants is because I'm concerned for his well-being. We Latinos eat a LOT of red meat and, well, it'd be nice to get a green vegetable in there once in a while, too, wouldn't it? At least that's my goal. Even if I face bigger opposition that I would like.

Is your family full of picky eaters? Do you try to eat healthier and face resistance from other people in your family? Share with us in the comments below!

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