3 Ways to stay safe (and cool) in this never-ending heat wave

Is it hot today or what?! Actually, it's been SUPER hot for a while now and it doesn't seem to be letting up much lately. All across the U.S. the temperature has been 100 degrees and today it's going down to the 90's… but that's still a bit WAY too hot for me. So in order to cool off (at least a little bit) and also make sure that I'm staying safe and healthy, despite all of this crazy oh-my-god-I-think-I'm-melting weather, I've devised a few sure-fire ways to beat this oh-please-go-away-soon heat wave that are fun for the whole family


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1. Get outside but put on PLENTY of sunscreen: Remember that one of the most important things, if you're planning to do just about anything outside, is to put on sunscreen. I know that I'm really not the best when it comes to applying it, but… I'm learning my lesson! Sunscreen is VERY important for you and your family, whether you're going to be barbecuing, going to the beach or pool or anything else that's fun for all.

2. Make some delicious Latin cool down drinks: Okay, so, the actual #1 thing that you need to keep in mind when it's WAY-TOO-HOT outside is to keep hydrated. Whenever I've read about people dying or suffering, it's all because they're probably not drinking enough water. But I know water isn't necessarily always enough, which is why I love getting together and making some classic Latin cool down drinks to stay comfortable.

3. Indulge in some oh-so-fun indoor activities: Well, if it's just too hot for you to go outside, then why not spend the day having fun with your family inside? One of my friends was looking for things to do and I suggested that she take her kids to the library, go hang out in a coffee shop or even go to the movies or do some shopping. My other favorite thing to do is play games (whether board games or on a console) and have fun with everyone. 

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What are you and your family planning to do this week while the heat wave rages on? Share with us in the comments below!

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