Supreme Court approves 'Obamacare' and that is great news for Latinos!

Woo hoo! Yeah, I said it. The Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of President Barack Obama's health care law (commonly known as "Obamacare") and I couldn't be more excited because this is GREAT news for all Latinos.

Access to health care is an issue that seriously effects our community. Almost one out of every three of uninsured Americans are Hispanic and, currently, 16 million Latinos do not have coverage. The numbers are pretty harsh but, with the new ruling, coverage is expected to expand to 6 million more Latinos. 


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Although I've got health insurance through my job, I know two people very close to me that will benefit from this law: my parents. One of the biggest debates when it comes to health care reform has been the "individual mandate" forcing everyone who makes a certain amount of money to purchase health care coverage, but President Obama insisted on keeping it as part of the sweeping reform. Dr. Elena Rios, president of the National Hispanic Medical Association, agrees and so does the National Council of La Raza, whose health policy expert Jennifer Ng-andu, said:

As a group, Hispanics stand to gain the most coverage under this law. Eighteen percent more Hispanics would be covered if the legislation is allowed to take effect. It is already changing lives. We will now spend our efforts making sure the law is implemented.

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Of course, not everyone loves this law because some believe that it is unconstitutional to make people buy insurance. But I believe that more of us need access to quality health care and, clearly, this is a great big step toward getting it.

What do you think of Obamacare being approved by the Supreme Court? Share with us in the comments below!

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