Should we all be worried about swine flu again?

Should the world be watching out for swine flu again? Even now, scientists are still learning information about the last epidemic in 2009. In fact, just today, research was released confirming that 284,500 people were killed in the first swine flu pandemic, about 15 times the number originally reported.


The study, published on Tuesday in the London-based journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, said the total numbers of deaths might actually be even higher-- as many as 579,000 people! The count compiled by the World Health Organization at the time was significantly lower, around 18,500.

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The new research also shows that the pandemic's impact was different from region to region, with 51 percent of swine flu deaths occurring in Africa and southeast Asia.

The shocking numbers come only a few months after norovirus spread like wildfire in DC in February and right on the heels of reports that a new flu is sweeping a region in New Zealand. So should we all be worried?  

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Personally, I don't think there's ever a time that you shouldn't be careful about the environment you're coming in contact with, the food you're eating and your overall health in general. Taking extra precaution is always important and necessary, especially for moms and their kids, who are exposed to tons of germs and illnesses in schools or classrooms. And with this alarming new information that proves just how big of an impact the last swine flu pandemic had on the world, no one should be taking any chances!  

What precautions do you take to protect yourself from any contagious flus? Tell us in the comments below!

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