Why childhood health issues should be given just as much attention as immigration

There have been some major changes in immigration policy lately, but in reality, that's not the only important issue Americans are concerned about. A new poll has shown that other top priorities for voters regard children's health concerns--specifically childhood obesity and bullying.  And though I was thrilled about the recent immigration reform, I completely agree with these results!


In a recent survey, 2,100 adults were asked to select what they believe to be most important child health issue from a list of 24 common concerns. About 17 percent of adults said childhood obesity is their main child health priority while 15 percent said bullying is the top issue. 11 percent indicated drug abuse and 8 percent ranked child abuse and as an urgent health concern that needs to be addressed by the presidential candidates.

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When I saw these findings, I thought FINALLY! It's about time someone called attention to these issues in a political sense! Though children's health is not typically the focus of political talk or presidential campaigns, I've long since been wondering why exactly that's the case. These days, childhood obesity is rampant, leading to a rapid increase in diabetes and other dangerous conditions among young kids that can affect even them later as adults.

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And the issue of bullying is just as bad, if not worse. With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allowing for all new forms of online torment, kids these days are suffering more than ever. Never before has the world seen such outrageously high numbers of suicide in people as young as 12-years-old…or in some heartbreaking cases, even younger!

Though I know both of these issues can, to some degree, be managed by parents, the results of this poll show that adults recognize the need for governmental interference. Instead of concentrating exclusively on standby topics like immigration or adult health care, presidential candidates and other officials should also be discussing and working on issues that affect our youth. The very young may not be able to vote, but that doesn't mean they should be ignored.   

Is bullying and/or childhood obesity a top political concern for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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