How busy moms can fit more exercise in every day

Today is National Running Day! You know what that means? Yup, it means you have to get outside and make a go of it.

Now, I know I'm not usually one to talk. Despite losing a lot of weight, exercise is the thing I struggle with most. I was probably the most excited a person could possibly be when I found out that all you really need is 20 minutes of exercise a day. And then I found out that jogging helps you live 6 years more and I decided that I really, really had to start exercising more. And since it's National Running Day, I think today is the perfect day to start—despite me (like probably most of you) being usually "too busy" to fit in exercise.


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Now, I'm not a mom (yet) but I usually keep myself pretty busy. I enjoy taking random classes (usually cooking-related), spending time with friends and family and generally doing something (anything) that doesn't involve me actually getting fit. But since it's National Running Day, I am determined to get in at least a little bit of running today and I know that, for me at least, it's easier to maintain exercise when I can do it little by little.

For a busy mom (or any super busy individual), the best tip I can offer is to exercise in little spurts. Even if all you have is five minutes, that five minutes can do a lot more for your health than if you weren't taking it. And what's just five minutes, four times a day? I bet anyone can do that: take a quick five minute run in the morning, do another five minute run at lunch, try a five minute run when you get home and then do a last, quick five minute run an hour or two before bed (and after dinner).

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That doesn't sound too bad, does it? I think, whenever I think about running, the only thing I can really focus on is how difficult it is for me. I hate the moment right before leaving the house and about 10-15 minutes into the run, when I start to feel pretty tired. But thinking about just doing five minute runs all day long actually sounds pretty manageable, both with my not-so-great endurance and my time constraints. I think I'll definitely be trying this today.

Are you a runner or, like me, never really enjoy exercise? Do you think it will be easier to incorporate short bursts of exercise throughout the day? Share with us in the comments below!

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