Vogue USA 1

Vogue USA

Image via Vogue USA

One of the few actually healthy-looking covers shows Olympic athletes, including curvy but toned Hope Solo and Serena Williams.


Vogue France 2

Vogue France

Image via Vogue France

We love Gisele but why does she have to be half-naked? I mean, she's gotta work out for that killer bod right? So why not show her actually sweating it out for once? Now that would be healthy!


Vogue México 3

Vogue México

Image via Vogue México

Finally! A beautiful woman with curves to die for!

Vogue Australia 4

Vogue Australia

Image via Vogue Australia

More unnecessary bathing suits! And is it just me or does she not look very happy?


Vogue China 5

Vogue China

Image via Vogue China

We get it. Models wear bathing suits. New concept please?

Vogue Germany 6

Vogue Germany

Image via Vogue Germany

Cause every average woman wears a updo and serious jewelry like that on the beach.


Vogue Korea 7

Vogue Korea

Image via Vogue Korea

Vogue Korea was one of my least-favorite covers. She looks scary and miserable!


Vogue Taiwan 8

Vogue Taiwan

Image via Vogue Taiwan

I guess in this case, healthy living means diamonds and big hair.