"Bad" food makes you fatter in just 3 HOURS!

Don't judge me but I was eating a slice of pizza when I read the latest news about what happens to fattening foods shortly after you ingest them. According to a new study, all it takes for the fat from your food to convert into fat cells that go directly to your waistline is three hours.

That's right, just three hours for your waist to actually EXPAND because of that pernil you had for dinner or the bacon you served up with breakfast. Or, you know, the pizza I was eating for a lazy lunch today. It pretty much made me want to spit it all out and run to the gym immediately after work.


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The new study is actually pretty shocking. I knew that fat from food could damage your arteries and make you heavier in the long run, but I never imagined at how little time it took to do such harm to the body.

The new study was conducted by the researchers at the University of Oxford, who analyzed how long it takes to convert fat from a meal to fatty tissue and found unequivocally that the average person can add "the equivalent of up to three teaspoons of fat to their waist mere hours after they have eaten."

With this new news, I know what I'm going to do: hit the gym and seriously cut out more fat from my diet. I already don't really eat that much and, although I'm a big believer in moderation, this really scares me. I really don't want to be adding to my waistline this way! Especially not that quickly.

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Hmm, maybe exercising before those three hours happen will help stop the fat from getting to my waist so quickly. Or maybe not. Hopefully researchers will go back into the lab and figure out how we can prevent this quick fattening method. But in the meantime, I'm putting down the fatty foods.

Are you going to be eating less fatty foods, now that you know it means an increase in your waistline just mere hours after you've finished your meal? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Phoney Nickle/flickr