Scary! Measles are threatening our children (VIDEO)

I remember having the chickenpox when I was 5 years old and it was really, really not fun. I itched everywhere and there are some pretty unflattering photos of me, covered in the pink goo that was supposed to help me keep from scratching. It was pretty torturous and my brother, who was a baby at the time, caught the virus too. I remember my mom and grandmother caring for the two of us miserable kids. But what I don't remember is ever having the measles. Apparently I may finally get my chance, though, since the CDC is reporting that cases of measles are on the rise.


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In a recent report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is saying that cases of measles have more than tripled in recent years, apparently coming to the U.S. from abroad. The viral respiratory disease was thought to be nearly extinct in the past but, since it's highly contagious, it seems to actually be spreading.

The symptoms of the disease don't sound like any fun, either. Measles causes fever, a runny nose, cough and rash all over the body. Not to mention that one of 10 children who get the measles also get an ear infection and one out of 20 will get pneumonia. And it has been known to be fatal for one or two of every 1,000 kids who get it. They recommend that your child is fully immunized and I can see why! With cases growing, I'm definitely planning to keep it safe.

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Have you ever had the measles? Are you worried that cases are on the rise?

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