Is breast cancer actually 10 separate diseases?!

Some amazing news has just been released about breast cancer. If you or a family member has ever suffered from the disease or, like me, you're afraid that you may one day get it, then pay attention: a landmark international study has determined that what we currently call breast cancer should actually be thought of as 10 completely separate diseases.

That's right, you heard correctly: breast cancer is actually 10 separate diseases.

Although it sounds kind of scary (I'm scared, at least!), this is actually great news for researchers. I mean, if they now know so much, shouldn't a cure be not too far behind?


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After such amazing findings that analyzed the breast cancers from 2,000 women were published in Nature, the International weekly journal of science, lead researcher Professor Carlos Caldas told the BBC News:

Breast cancer is not one disease, but 10 different diseases. Our results will pave the way for doctors in the future to diagnose the type of breast cancer a woman has, the types of drugs that will work and those that won't, in a much more precise way than is currently possible.

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They really meant it when they called this study a "landmark", since this will help fund new clinical tries for cancer drugs and hopefully find a cure in the long run. However, all of it will still take a lot of time. I'm not necessarily in a rush, though I do hope that they hurry up. With such important findings, I really want them to use them to start doing some good for the people that are suffering with breast cancer today. A cure in the future is great, but we need help today, too.  

What do you think of the findings that breast cancer is actually 10 separate diseases?

Image via GE Healthcare/flickr