How to use your baby to lose post-pregnancy weight (VIDEO)

Moms these days are getting a lot of flack for gaining a lot of weight during their pregnancy, like the recent nasty comments made about Jessica Simpson. But with obesity rates rising (and all of the damage they can do to your growing baby), it's no surprise that the other trend in pregnancy lately has been for moms to bounce back into tip-top shape just a few months after giving birth.

It's hard to keep that balance between keeping healthy (since moms do, in fact, have to gain weight—and then lose it—during pregnancy) and indulging too much but I love the idea of exercising with your baby. Victoria's Secret super model Miranda Kerr recently said that she sometimes does squats while holding her 14-month-old son with Orlando Bloom. Isn't that such a great, fun way to bond with your baby AND get a workout in?


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It's not all as easy as it sounds, of course. I hope I don't have to tell you that you have to be careful—both for yourself but especially for your baby. You don't want to hurt either of you, so it's important to make sure you do some basic safety checks. Babyzone recommends that you keep a few things in mind when exercising with your baby: wear light and breathable clothing, never force yourself or your baby to do a pose, stay hydrated and don't overwork yourself and breastfeed before exercising to minimize discomfort.

So when it comes to baby exercises, what can you actually do? There are simpler things, like walking or running with a special stroller. You can take a baby yoga or pilates class or even a water aerobics class. There's also the simple act of dancing around with your baby but what I really love is doing some basic strength training moves with your baby as a weight, which is exactly what Miranda Kerr does. I love this video, which shows a safe way to do some basic moves. Sounds like a pretty good sure-fire way to lose that baby weight, doesn't it? I hope Jessica Simpson is taking notes.

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Have you ever tried exercising WITH your baby? What was your favorite way to do it?

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