Playtex unveils the super faja: shapewear that can help you lose weight, reduce cellulite!

Spanx has been the reigning queen of shapewear for a while, with celebrities constantly praising their power as the #1 reason they look as great as they do on the red carpet. But now Playtex is stepping into the game by unveiling a new slimming and anti-cellulite shapewear they're calling Playtex 'Objective 1 Size Down'.

Squeezing into a form-fitting shapewear is standard protocol for some women. My mom wears a faja underneath her clothes more days than not and I've worn Spanx and other shapewear under dresses on special occasions. But if the shapewear is promises to help me lose weight and reduce my cellulite in a month, could I wear it for 28 days straight?


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The garment is available in short and long versions and promises to help you drop centimeters off your hips and thighs in under a month. Here's how it actually works:

Acti-Mineral ceramic crystals that are woven into the fibers of the fabric.They stimulate a continuous massage effect of the body, improving blood microcirculation and facilitating the removal of toxins. And the garment can be washed without compromising the effect of the crystals.

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If it can address some typical problem areas for women, like the tummy, rear end, hips and thighs (the area I hate the most), is it worth it? For now, we won't know until the product comes to the U.S. But I think I would like to try it, at least. It might not be as good as eating healthy to lose weight, but if it can get rid of the last little bits, then that's a mini-miracle I'd like to sign up for.

Would you wear this 'super faja' that promises to help you lose weight and get rid of cellulite for a whole month?