Would you give up your high heels or tight jeans for health?

I'm a self-proclaimed shoe addict and the shoes I love most are high heels. I love the way they elongate my legs, make my calves look sexy and give my butt a little boost. I don't think anybody could deny that high heels make a woman look great.

There's been research lately about how wearing high heels can be damaging to your foot health. Despite them making your calves look good, new research shows that they can actually shorten the fiber in your calf muscle—plus there's the added link to bunions, hammer toes, stress fractures, ankle sprains and more. But I just can't ever give up my high heels.

Now it turns out heels aren't the only thing that can be damaging to your health. Tight clothes, like jeans, belts and ties, can also do some nerve damage to your body. So does that mean I need to give up the tight jeans that I love to wear with my high heels? Seriously?!


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Clothes can create fashion victims, but not the style kind—the kind that are actually in physical pain. Dr. Irving Friedman explains that the cinch belts many of us love to wear can compress a major nerve that runs from the abdomen to the outer thigh.

I wonder if some of my other tight clothes could be causing problems. Major culprits include tight jeans and body shapers, like the not-so-secret Spanx I wear under dresses when I need to look just right. Both can cause nerve compression as well as interfere with digestion.

Interfere with digestion? That sounds kind of scary, honestly.

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But I love my tight jeans and high heels. Could I ever give them up for my health? Maybe. If I started experiencing pain or discomfort, I would definitely give it a try. For now, though, my best bet is to wear them a little less. I won't be able to completely give up my high heels and favorite amazing-butt jeans, but I can make an effort to expand my wardrobe and not wear them all the time....at least for now, I guess. Sigh. 

Would you ever consider giving up constricting clothes like high heels, tight jeans and body shapers?

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