Are women more stressed out than men?

Let's face it. There are times when it seems like men and women differ from each other in almost every way. While you're worrying about the bills, the latest argument with your sister, and the thousands of errands you need to run, your man seems to be much less stressed. Why is that? A recent study finally has the answer!

New research shows that while men mostly worry about work or career-related issues, women have anxiety about their jobs and, well, almost everything else! The study, done by Polaris Marketing Research, concludes that females cited financial concerns, family problems, living situations, relationship issues, and a general lack of time, as their main sources of stress. In comparison, males showed the most distress over work--and that's about it. Must be nice, huh?


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On the plus side, the research also showed that women are more likely to deal with their worries in a myriad of ways. Though both sexes said they watched TV to cope with their stress, women also said they relieved their anxiety by sleeping, listening to music, scoping out the Internet, socializing, reading, praying or eating their favorite comfort foods. Men, on the other hand, escaped their problems with three main activities: playing video games, exercising, or having a drink.

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I know, I know, it hardly seems surprising. But, the study does indicate several important things for us busy ladies. Firstly, it means you finally have confirmation that you most likely are more stressed than your man, your brother, or your guy friends (we knew it all along!). And more importantly, it highlights how important it is to find time to do things you enjoy doing. Whether that means watching your favorite show, listening to music or having dinner with your family, make sure that, every now and then, you stop and take a break from your constant worrying. It'll make you feel better and who knows? Maybe you'll even be the more relaxed one for once!

Do you think women are usually more stressed out than men?

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