Protandim: Could this miracle drug be for real?

There's a new patented drug that's sure making a lot of promises. Protandim, made by the LifeVantage Corporation, is a new dietary supplement that they're saying can increase antioxidant activity—thus making it an anti-aging and possible weight loss pill at the same time.

I've lost and gained a lot of weight throughout my life and have, subsequently, tried a lot of weight loss pills in the past. Most of them were either now outlawed or contained so much caffeine that they made my heart beat too fast, which scared me and I immediately stopped taking it. At one point I even tried Alli, the FDA approved weight loss pill that is available over the counter, but the side effects were too gross for me. Now as I get older, my concerns turn to keeping my skin looking young. So is an anti-aging dietary supplement the miracle drug I need?


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People sure seem to be buying into the company's claims, that's for sure. The pill is selling very well and the company's stock is rising because of it, according to newStaar Media, who said:

"In less than a 30 day period, the stock price of the Lifevantage Corporation (LFVN) rose by over 19% based on some changes in management and board of directors. The stock which currently resides at about a dollar and a half is still a good buy according to analysts based on the performance of its primary product, Protandim."

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Although the pill is promising me a lot of great anti-aging results, it has not yet been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Hearing about the benefits doesn't bring the same initial excitement in me as it does knowing that the drug is safe. Oh well, at least until the FDA approves this so-called miracle drug, I'll keep looking for safer options.

Would you take an anti-aging pill that may also help you lose weight?

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