How a tequila shot can save your life

I have a Cuban ex-boyfriend who would always take a shot of vodka or rum before bed. He didn't like to drink with dinner but would always indulge in a little alcohol before nighttime. At first I found it strange. I mean, everyone's heard the news that drinking a glass of red wine is good for your heart, right? So why was he insistent on his just-before-midnight glass? Well, it turns out he was right to do so.

Hearing about the benefits of red wine has made me switch from my typical margarita-with-dinner to a glass of pinot noir instead. But new research demonstrates that the benefits of alcohol hold true no matter what kind of drink you have.


A review published in the British Medical Journal in 2011 found a 14-25% drop in heart disease in people that drank alcohol with moderation versus teetotalers. What's this mean? Basically that not drinking for a while and then going wild one night isn't good for you, but neither is totally abstaining from alcoholic beverages.It seems like one serving a day of your favorite liquor does the trick.

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Plus, a Spanish study also found that any kind of alcohol can be beneficial, not just the usual red wine that we've heard about in the past. Now that it's Heart Health Month and I've given up diet soda, I'm excited to hear that there are other options besides just water and red wine for me to indulge in--moderately of course.

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I might not be going back to my margaritas any time soon (since research also shows that the sugar in mixed drinks is more damaging than alcohol is helpful), but with heart disease being the #1 killer of women, I'll definitely be having a shot of tequila tonight.

Are you excited to hear that alcohol (in moderation) may be good for your heart? What is your favorite drink?

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