Why freezing away fat may be safer than sucking it out

How far would you go to get rid of unwanted fat? As a Latina who's struggled with weight and body image most of my life (I still hate my thighs, ugh!), I was excited to hear about a new FDA-approved procedure that claims to literally freeze away your fat.

Different from liposuction—which literally breaks up and sucks the fat out of various areas of your body—this new procedure works by cooling fat cells and causing them to die gradually. And unlike lipo, it's non-invasive and doesn't require you to go under anesthesia or deal with needles. But as a fairly recent procedure, I wonder how safe it is to use.


One thing's for sure though: this procedure is quick. Reports claim that it can be done during your lunch break since the entire process takes about an hour. But it's no magic pill, either. The best candidates for treatment are those that are basically in good shape but have stubborn areas of fat. So would it work for the thigh fat I've been trying to get rid of lately? Perhaps.

The system, called Cool Sculpting, emphasizes that you should already be exercising and watching what you eat. Although I still occasionally indulge in my favorite Cuban dishes, I also make an effort to eat a lot more vegetables and have taken up running. For Latinas like me, who are making an effort to be healthier but still find areas where fat just won't disappear, this new procedure seems like an easier way to contour the body and get rid of those last little pockets of bulge.

As someone who's tried liposuction in the past, the worst part for me was the black-and-blue marks and recovery time. Since the frozen fat cells take a couple of months to disappear, the process overall seems to be much less of a hassle. Plus the cost is cheaper than liposuction (about $1,200 per session versus well over $2,000). A less expensive, less invasive procedure with no recovery time and no needles? This might be the best option to consider when (and if) I decide that I need some extra sculpting.  

What do you think of this new FDA-approved procedure that claims to freeze away your fat?

Image via Pink Sherbert Photography/flickr

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