Conquering health scares with good friends and tequila

My dear friend texted me at 4 p.m.

"I don't have cancer"

Thank God. I sort of knew (more like I strongly hoped) it would all be OK but you never know.

Finding a lump in your breast and having a biopsy can be one of the most stressful and scary things that can happen to a woman.

Any woman, at any age.

But it does get even scarier after 40, when your insurance company starts sending you mammography reminders and the doctor asks if you do self-exams regularly.


Back in 2010, my doctor found a lump in my thyroid. I remember it felt like an eternity before I got the test results. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't function properly, in fact I couldn't breathe at times, that's how anguished I felt. I kept picturing the worst scenario and bringing myself to tears night after night.

I will never forget how my Doctor greeted me in his office when the results were in:

"You don't have cancer." And I started crying in his shoulder.

My friend texted me again at 6 p.m. "Let's have a tequila to celebrate."

So I went out with her and we toasted to good health and long lives. Then I ran back home to do homework with my daughter.

I didn't mention to my friend that the next day, it was my turn to get my thyroid examined again. I opted to keep the night on a celebratory tone, because she needed that.

I needed it, too.

I am sure that it will all be OK.

I strongly hope… and pray.

Have you had a health scare? How did you handle it?

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