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The only 5 arroz con leche recipes you'll ever need

You may disagree with me, but my tía makes the best arroz con leche in the entire world. I could be biased, but I don't think so. Maybe it's because hers is the first arroz con leche I ever had in my life and nothing will ever compare to the first.

Of course she has given me the recipe and it is just a simple arroz con leche, but when I make it, it somehow seems to lack my tía's touch. Does that stop me from making it or experimenting with other arroz con leche recipes? Absolutely not.

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Avocado's surprising health & weight loss benefits! (RECIPES)

If there is one Latin super food I can't get enough of it's yummy avocado! Although it is high in fat, it promotes healthy levels of HDL (the good cholesterol), prevents weight gain, fights heart disease, and is highly nutritious. A new survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is even saying that avocado eaters are thinner and eat better overall.

But just how can a single fruit have this effect on our bodies?

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Spanish restaurant serves bugs (on purpose!)

Have you ever wanted to try some rhino beetle alongside your hummus? Or perhaps you're looking to have some tapas toast with imperial Thai scorpion? Or, even better, how would you like to taste a little bit of spicy grasshoppers in guacamole?

Disgusted yet? Well, those are just some of the dishes being served up at a tapas bar and restaurant in Villadolid, Spain, by chef Marco Negroni of Bar Passion. That's right, the fare in this Spanish restaurant is heavily inspired by actual bugs and insects in your food!

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6 Diet-friendly gazpacho recipes to celebrate National Gazpacho Day! (RECIPES)

Happy National Gazpacho Day! In case you didn't know, gazpacho is one of THE most classic Latin soups and it's one of my favorites any time of year. The soup that's traditionally served cold, which originated in the Andalucía region of Spain, is typically made with tomato but I love it because it's actually very versatile.

You may have had a classic gazpacho but I'm betting you'll definitely be surprised by some of the surprising ways that you can make gazpacho (with mango! With cauliflower!). In fact, I think everyone will love these 6 irresistible gazpacho recipes that are perfect to celebrate today or, well, any day. Plus, these soups are GREAT for weight loss, too, since they're chock full of delicious and good-for-you veggies!

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month: Our 6 favorite traditional dishes from Spain! (RECIPES)

Whether you love it or hate it, Spain is our motherland. It's the country where some of us came from and the country that gave us our language, our culture, our way of life. Depending on where your family is from in Latin America, you can have a million things different or a million things the same but, at the end of the day (and for better or worse), Spain is Hispanic Heritage Month personified.

That's why, for the last recipes I'm sharing (although come back tomorrow for an extra-special surprise!), I knew they had to be from Spain. And what better way to celebrate where we came from than with 6 of the most traditional (and delicious) dishes from Spain? Here they are! Enjoy them with your family and remember, whether you call yourself Hispanic, Latino or simply go by your country of origin, we're all connected—at least in our common language and love of food.

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5 Spanish recipes to help you lose weight on the Mediterranean Diet

I've tried a lot of diets in my lifetime but, to be honest, the one that always made the most sense to me was the Mediterranean Diet. This is a diet that is rich in vegetables, fish, poultry and olive oil (which is a healthy fat). And it turns out I was right!

According to a new long-term study that was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, people lost double the amount of weight in the Mediterranean diet than a low-carbohydrate diet and about six times more than in the low-fat group. So what does this mean? Start eating like a Spaniard! Yes, there can be a lot of red meat in our Hispanic/Latin diet, but there are also some super-delicious Mediterranean-diet friendly dishes made with olive oil, chicken, fish and more veggies. Take a look at these 5 delicious recipes from Spain—and indulge for your health!

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Latin ingredient of the week: Valencia rice (RECIPE)

Rice hasn't been having a good week, after poisonous arsenic was found to be in rice from Texas and the Gulf Coast states. However, there's one kind of rice that definitely isn't affected: Valencia rice from Spain!

Valencia is a very special kind of rice because it is grown in Spain and, unlike the typical long-grain rice used in many Latin dishes, it's actually short-grain and typically used to make paella. It's also different from other short-grain rice varieties because it has an ability to absorb moisture without breaking down which, again, is perfect for the paella Valenciana recipe below! This rice is definitely a special one and it makes an even more special traditional dish.

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Summer Living Guide

3 Delicious gazpacho recipes perfect for the warm weather (RECIPES)

Now that it's nearing Memorial Day, I would say that we can officially declare that summer has pretty much started. The weather is warm (well, most places, anyway) and I am ready to start eating one of my absolute favorite summer dishes: Spanish gazpacho! Lucky for us, May is officially gazpacho month and this time I'm indulging my having a couple different versions. First, I'm going for a classic recipe by famed chef Jose Andres, then I'm trying a watermelon and sweet onion gazpacho and finally finishing it off with a spicy gazpacho with lime shrimp. These dishes are a perfect lunch (or dinner!) for the whole family.

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Cómo organizar una fiesta para el 5 de mayo en un dos por tres

Una de mis muchas contradicciones es que me encantan las fiestas, pero odio dejar a mis hijos con una niñera, por lo que trato de que las fiestas siempre sean en mi casa. Como tampoco me gusta el trabajo extra de antes y después, que conllevan las parrandas, siempre trato de hacer recetas rápidas y que no ensucien demasiado. Me imagino que tú eres igual, así que te paso unas ideas, por si quieres hacer una fiesta para el 5 de mayo, sin que te quiten demasiado tiempo o te den mucho trabajo.

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¡Qué felicidad! Ya se puede freír sin aceite y congelar sin frío

A mí me fascinan las cosas fritas: los calamares fritos, los taquitos dorados (con papa y chorizo), los aros de cebolla, el tempura de verduras, en fin, te podría dar una larga lista de todo lo que me saboreo con la mente. ¡Así es! Sólo me lo imagino, pues como trato de cuidar mi peso, muy pocas veces me doy el gusto de comer cosas fritas. Pero después de leer un artículo de BBC Mundo, no podía dejar de sonreír de sólo imaginarme que las cosas fritas, ya no requerirán necesariamente de aceite. Así como los alimentos congelados, no necesitarán del frío. ¿Una paradoja? Tal vez, pero son las cosas a las que podemos acceder en el siglo XXI con la aparición de la cocina moderna y los avances tecnológicos.

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