WATCH: Traditional buñuelos you can make in no time at all


Buñuelos remind me of Christmas, they remind me of love, they remind me of family and specifically they remind me of my tía Hilda who would always make them for me because she knows how much I love them. I'm so sorry to say that my tía is not doing well health-wise and her buñuelo making days are behind her. I can't tell you how sad this makes me. I will never ever be able to eat a buñuelo without thinking of her, without being grateful to her, without feeling full of love for her. 

As hard as it is for me to accept it, it's time to start making my own buñuelos and luckily my friend Pattie Cordova from the blog Living Mi Vida Loca and her mom are coming to my rescue.They are sharing their awesome and easy recipe for buñuelos.

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Grilled stuffed jalapeños will end your summer with some heat!


So my hubby loves jalapeño poppers and I think they are awesome and taste all kinds of delicioso, but I don't love that for the most part they are deep fried. Because of that, I tend to stay away from them and I have not ever once made them at home because then I might eat them all and feel all kinds of guilt afterwards. Pues, guess what? Now, I can make them at home and eat them too because I found an easy and fabulous recipe for grilled stuffed jalapeños.

Sure they still have some naughty cheesy goodness in them and a surprise helping of crispy bacon, because I'm not trying to be a saint or anything, but now that I know I can lighten them up by not battering them or frying them, I can't wait to pop these baby's on the grill and then pop them in my boca!

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Easy arepas recipe that will bring joy to your family


Can you believe that I was well into my 30s the first time I tried arepas? My husband came home one day with a bag full of arepas from a little hole in the wall and he said to me, "You HAVE to try these!" I reached into the bag and pulled out what quite frankly looked like a slightly unimpressive little pancake looking doughy thing and took a bite and it was AH-MAZE-BALLS. All of a sudden those little spheres of dough looked beautiful to me and I wanted to scream at the heavens in anger because I had no idea I could have been eating these my entire life.

Well, since my first encounter with an arepa, I've made up for an arepa-less childhood and early adulthood. I buy them whenever I can, but I'm thinking that perhaps it's time to start making them at home so that my children don't suffer from arepa deprivation in their early years like I did. I found a great and easy arepa recipe that I'm sure will be a hit with mine and yours!

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Easy chicken flautas that you can make anytime


Don't think I'm a total ignoramous, but I've often wondered what the difference between flautas and taquitos are. I mean they look pretty similar, they taste pretty similar, they can be made with the same ingredients, so what's the deal? I told myself it was the tortilla that determined whether what I was eating was a taquito or a flauta. I told myself flautas are made with flour tortillas and taquitos are made with corn. Then today I decided I really wanted to share this recipe for chicken flautas with you because YUM! But strangely enough the recipe calls for corn tortillas, not flour. What the flauta is going on here? I went looking on the internet and found out that many use the terms interchangeably.

Well, whether you call them chicken flautas or chicken taquitos, the recipe below makes some very good ones. Enjoy!

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Churros with dulce de leche sauce that kids of all ages will love


Recently I had the distinct pleasure of introducing my daughters to churros. Now, churros have always been a favorite for me. There is nothing like biting into a warm freshly made churro. It's all cinnamon goodness and joy.

When I came across this recipe for churros with dulce de leche sauce, it occurred to me that I have never, not once had homemade churros. Nope, I've bought them from street vendors or panaderias, but never not once have I seen them made in someone's home. I know it happens because I have friends who make them and Instagram pictures that make me want to barge right on over, but I think it's time I welcome the churro into my own kitchen and fry up a batch of these delicious treats.

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Pork picadillo empanadas that will have them begging for more


I'm not the betting kind, but if I were I'd be willing to bet that you like empanadas. Why? Because who the heck doesn't like empanandas? Come to think of it, I've never heard one single person say, "I don't like empanadas." And if I were to hear someone say that, I would respond, "Good, more for me!"

Making empanadas at home is actually quite easy if you buy the frozen empanada dough. I love making a bunch and freezing them. Today I'm sharing a recipe for pork picadillo empanadas that is sure to please. I prefer my empanadas baked, but if you like them fried, you can fry them up as well.

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Chicken tamal casserole is a quick alternative to the classic


Guess what I've never made? Tamales. Why? Because they are labor intensive. I mean, I guess technically I've made them as part of a holiday tamalada, where I did one part of the whole assembly line process of putting the tamales together, but I've never made tamales by my lonesome because it takes too long. That doesn't mean I don't crave the flavor of a delicious tamal throughout the year.

That's why I'm so excited that I came across this one pot chicken tamal casserole recipe that you can get on the table in 45 minutes. You know you can't prep and cook traditional tamales in that amount of time. And yes, I am fully aware that this is going to get some purists all bent out of shape because abuela never made a tamal casserole, but I bet you that if abuela knew about it she would because abuela ain't no dummy!

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Beat the heat with these 10 Latino summer treats


 Some like it hot, but Latinos like it oh-so-cold. For generations, Latinos all over the world have concocted thirst-quenching treats and spine-chilling sweets to get us through even the hottest and ickiest summer days. Even cooler: We don't even need to leave our air conditioned homes to get 'em. 

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Easy fish tacos with cilantro-lime crema are perfect anytime


There is this place near my home that I love to go to for fish tacos. They are so good, but really only a once-in-a-while treat because they are big greasy and I'm sure super caloric--you can feel it too, once taco is more than enough. That doesn't mean that all fish tacos have to be that way to be good. Thank goodness! 

I love this easy fish tacos with cilantro-lime crema recipe that I found because now I can make these tacos at home without all the extra grease and calories. YUM! I also like that when I make them at home, it's up to me which type of fish I use. Options are always good. You can even get a little jiggy with the tortillas you use. I like my tacos with corn tortillas, but my kids are fans of flour and it's an easy switch to make.

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Cuban sandwich with bacon will make lunch awesome


OMG, me muero for any sandwich. I love them with a passion that most people reserve for chocolate. What you can create between two slices of bread is amazing! The possibilities are endless. Even though I love variety and I am not a one sandwich kind of girl, if I had to choose I would have to say that my all-time favorite sandwich is a Cubano. I have loved a medianoche for as long as I can remember.

You would think that since I love sandwiches so much and make them often I would have at some point made myself a medianoche, but I haven't. I've been too afraid to mess with the sandwich love of my life until now. I just found the cleverest riff on a Cuban sandwich and I have got to try it. This pressed Cubano with bacon recipe uses Hawaiian rolls! Can you say, SWEET!

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