Traditional Chilean salsa straight from my hometown (RECIPE)


Chilenos use a lot of slang to express themselves.  And, a few of the most commonly used words or expressions cannot be used in mixed company! This month, like many other Latin American countries, Chile celebrates its Fiestas Patrias. In fact, my compatriotas have already kicked of the multi-day celebration for el Dieciocho (the 18th) with asados (barbecues), ramadas or fondas, rodeos and Cuecas (Chile's national folk dance)! I figured I'd join in by sharing one of our traditional recipes as well as the most popular (and highly-inappropriate) slang word used among íntimos amigos chilenos!

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8 Smoothie bowl recipes that will add some bite to your batidos


It's official, I have died and gone to batido heaven. I am a big fan of smoothies. Always have been, as my mother raised me on breakfast batidos. On crazy mornings when there was no time to sit down for breakfast my mother would whip up a batido full of fruit and nutrients so that I wouldn't go to school running on empty. Now as much as I love a good smoothie as a meal I also love to chew my meals. The whole act of chewing makes me feel like I've really EATEN something, you know what I mean? That's why I'm saying I've died and gone to batido heaven because I just discovered a new health craze: smoothie bowls, which are batidos with healthy toppings you can chew!!!

AND they are the sexiest looking smoothies I have EVER seen! Not only that, but I found an Instagram account, Smoothie Bowl Recipes,  that posts pictures of them WITH recipes! I can't wait for you to see the roundup I put together.

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WATCH: Traditional molcajete guacamole tostadas (RECIPE)


There is a beautiful molcajete in my kitchen that was handed down to me by my mother and I consider it a treasure, a family heirloom even. It's been in my life for as long as I can remember and I never intend to get rid of it. It reminds me of my childhood and puts a smile on my face every time I glance at it, but the sad truth is that I rarely use it. It has become more of a decorative dust collector than anything, I'm not sure why I don't pull it out more often, but my buddy Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack from Muy Bueno Cookbook posted an awesome video recipe for molcajete guacamole tostadas that has me dustin' off my favorite molcajete in the world and using it to make something delicious.

You are going to love this recipe which makes the perfect appetizer for any gathering and is super fast to put together.

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Baked shrimp empanadas the whole family will love


Empanadas are one of those things that just about everyone likes. How can I be so sure? Because whenever I post a recipe for them here or on our Latin Recipes Facebook page, which you might just want to start following, everyone goes crazy. And I mean crazy in a good, I can't wait to eat that, kind of way.

What's particularly wonderful about empanadas other than their almost universal appeal is that they lend themselves to variety. I tend to make and eat ground beef empanadas, but I'm always game to try something different, that's why I'm excited to share this recipe for baked shrimp paremesan empanadas with you.

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Monterey chicken chilaquiles make an easy & quick dinner


It's no secret that I am always trolling the internet for easy one dish recipes. Hey, I work hard (I'm sure you do too) and when dinner time comes around sometimes I need something quick and simple, no shame, no guilt. Well, the one pot recipe I have to share with you today is so unbelievably simple I cannot believe I didn't come up with it on my own. This recipe for Monterey chicken tortilla casserole is like an easy version of chilaquiles that you can pretty much make with leftovers and it's so full of cheesy goodness, it's bound to be a hit. Serve it with a simpe side salad and buen provecho!

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WATCH: Traditional buñuelos you can make in no time at all


Buñuelos remind me of Christmas, they remind me of love, they remind me of family and specifically they remind me of my tía Hilda who would always make them for me because she knows how much I love them. I'm so sorry to say that my tía is not doing well health-wise and her buñuelo making days are behind her. I can't tell you how sad this makes me. I will never ever be able to eat a buñuelo without thinking of her, without being grateful to her, without feeling full of love for her. 

As hard as it is for me to accept it, it's time to start making my own buñuelos and luckily my friend Pattie Cordova from the blog Living Mi Vida Loca and her mom are coming to my rescue.They are sharing their awesome and easy recipe for buñuelos.

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Grilled stuffed jalapeños will end your summer with some heat!


So my hubby loves jalapeño poppers and I think they are awesome and taste all kinds of delicioso, but I don't love that for the most part they are deep fried. Because of that, I tend to stay away from them and I have not ever once made them at home because then I might eat them all and feel all kinds of guilt afterwards. Pues, guess what? Now, I can make them at home and eat them too because I found an easy and fabulous recipe for grilled stuffed jalapeños.

Sure they still have some naughty cheesy goodness in them and a surprise helping of crispy bacon, because I'm not trying to be a saint or anything, but now that I know I can lighten them up by not battering them or frying them, I can't wait to pop these baby's on the grill and then pop them in my boca!

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Easy arepas recipe that will bring joy to your family


Can you believe that I was well into my 30s the first time I tried arepas? My husband came home one day with a bag full of arepas from a little hole in the wall and he said to me, "You HAVE to try these!" I reached into the bag and pulled out what quite frankly looked like a slightly unimpressive little pancake looking doughy thing and took a bite and it was AH-MAZE-BALLS. All of a sudden those little spheres of dough looked beautiful to me and I wanted to scream at the heavens in anger because I had no idea I could have been eating these my entire life.

Well, since my first encounter with an arepa, I've made up for an arepa-less childhood and early adulthood. I buy them whenever I can, but I'm thinking that perhaps it's time to start making them at home so that my children don't suffer from arepa deprivation in their early years like I did. I found a great and easy arepa recipe that I'm sure will be a hit with mine and yours!

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Easy chicken flautas that you can make anytime


Don't think I'm a total ignoramous, but I've often wondered what the difference between flautas and taquitos are. I mean they look pretty similar, they taste pretty similar, they can be made with the same ingredients, so what's the deal? I told myself it was the tortilla that determined whether what I was eating was a taquito or a flauta. I told myself flautas are made with flour tortillas and taquitos are made with corn. Then today I decided I really wanted to share this recipe for chicken flautas with you because YUM! But strangely enough the recipe calls for corn tortillas, not flour. What the flauta is going on here? I went looking on the internet and found out that many use the terms interchangeably.

Well, whether you call them chicken flautas or chicken taquitos, the recipe below makes some very good ones. Enjoy!

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Churros with dulce de leche sauce that kids of all ages will love


Recently I had the distinct pleasure of introducing my daughters to churros. Now, churros have always been a favorite for me. There is nothing like biting into a warm freshly made churro. It's all cinnamon goodness and joy.

When I came across this recipe for churros with dulce de leche sauce, it occurred to me that I have never, not once had homemade churros. Nope, I've bought them from street vendors or panaderias, but never not once have I seen them made in someone's home. I know it happens because I have friends who make them and Instagram pictures that make me want to barge right on over, but I think it's time I welcome the churro into my own kitchen and fry up a batch of these delicious treats.

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