Pork and squash stew with chiles is a perfect fall meal


It's that time of the year when I start craving stews. I'm feeling that chill in the breeze that is a sure sign that colder times are headed my way. Fall and winter weather is perfect for curling up indoors with a warm bowl of stew. I love that stews are a hearty one dish meal, don't you? I'm always looking for more stew ideas and I just found a fantastic recipe for pork and squash stew with chiles that I'm sure will become a favorite.

This recipe calls for water instead of stock because it's made with pork shoulder and so many other delicious ingredients that it will create it's own flavorful broth. Yum! I love that it suggests using chile de árbol because I find that it imparts both a beautiful deep color and flavor to any dish I use it in. Another great thing about this recipe is that it uses squash. Squash during the fall and winter months seems like perfection to me.

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Coffee flan with tequila recipe


If there is one dessert that I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for it is flan. To me flan is like a bit of heaven on a plate, it's an exquisite wonderful delight. Given that I love flan so much, imagine my delight when I came across a recipe by Chef Pati Jinich, from Pati's Mexican Table on PBS for coffee flan with tequila whipped cream. Not only do I love flan, I'm also a big fan of coffee and tequila. Knowing that I can put all three of these wonderful ingredients together to create a remarkable dessert makes me feel like I've died and gone to heaven three times over.

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Honeysuckle tea to lose weight & stay healthy

Move over green tea, because honeysuckle is the new king of teas! With the winter fast approaching and flu season upon us this tea is all you need to keep your family healthy this season. Honeysuckle has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure all kinds of respiratory, digestive and viral problems for years. Now a recent study conducted by the Nanjing University in China determined that honeysuckle cooked in the form of tea protects the body from virus, bacteria and infections.

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Hora de mezclar

Healthy new twist to our abuela's arroz con leche recipe


Nothing says comfort to me like arroz con leche! I love it, love it, love it and yet, I don't make it that often because the way my abuela taught me how to make it, it is really high in calories so it's only a sometimes treat. But now that I know I can make it with almond milk, you better believe I'm going to be making this ALL the time and eating it without the slightest bit of guilt. You guys, one serving of this, which is about a quarter of the recipe, only has 150 calories!!!

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Lose weight with Jessica Alba's delicious green smoothie​


Have you ever checked out The Honest Company's blog? It's the blog of the company that Jessica Alba built. I like to check it out on occasion because Jessica Alba is a constant source of inspiration to me. I've been a fan of hers from way back in the day when she was on the TV show Flipper. I remember the first time I saw her thinking, my goodness, that child is stunning. It comes as no surprise that the stunning child grew into a stunning woman. What's great about Alba is that her good looks are not everything. They certainly haven't hurt her career in Hollywood, but there are a whole lot of brains and thoughtfulness behind that beauty. Alba is a conscientious parent who turned into a conscientious business woman when she started the very successful The Honest Company to create products that parents like her would want in their lives.

Anyway, digging into the food archives the company's blog I found a slimming green smoothie recipe that I cannot resist sharing with you.

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Heavenly lactose free tres leches cake that EVERYONE can enjoy


I'm so excited to share a recipe for lactose free tres leches cake that I made this weekend. I don't usually brag on things that I make myself, but this, my dears, calls for a bit of bragging. First of all it turned out DELICIOUS if I do say so myself, but just so you don't think I'm the only one who finds it yummers, my kids and my husband all loved it too. The other thing that is awesome about this recipe is that it is semi-homemade, which makes it so easy to make and quicker than your average tres leches cake.

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20-minute pozole will fill 'em up fast


You know what's better than a delicious home cooked meal in 30 minutes? A delcious home cooked meal in 20 minutes! You can make this delicous pozole stew in 20 minutes as long as you've got some premade sofrito on hand. I say make a large batch of sofrito and freeze it so you always have some on hand. Then on a day when you are racing to get dinner on the table, you can make this pozole stew without breaking a sweat! 

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Souping, a delicious fall detox & weight loss trend!

Juicing and cleansing took over the market years ago and transformed the way people eat and lose weight. It works because you can easily mix and match fruits, vegetables and grains and drink your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only problem with juicing is the machine itself. Sometimes the blender doesn't work that well and the juicers are pricey and hard to clean. Now there is a new thing in town called "souping" and it's here to stay. I'm excited about it because I'm a soup lover and with the impending onset of winter it makes perfect sense.

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Tres leches cake recipe that will get you voted mami of the year​


I'm so glad I was born Mexican because if I weren't I would have to convert just for the food. Mexican food rocks in my world and not just the savory stuff, the sweet stuff kicks butt too. I love going to panaderias and getting pan dulce and all kinds of sweet treats. One of my all-time favorite desserts is tres leches cake. It's dangerously good.

I've never made it myself, but I just found this recipe for tres leches cake that is about to change all of that. There used to be a panaderia here where I could go buy a slice of tres leches, but then they just stopped making it. I'm jonesing for some and it feels wrong to deprive my daughters of one of my favorite childhood treats, so I better step up, batter up and use three types of milk to make something marvelous!

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Mexican French toast rolls the family will flip for!


Some people are geniuses when it comes to coming up with fantastic ideas in the kitchen. Sadly, I am not one, but I am good at recognizing genius when I see it. Take for example this recipe or Mexican French toast rolls or dedos gitanos, if you prefer, created by Chef Pati Jinich, from Pati's Mexican Table on PBS. Look at them! They are gorgeous, delicious and you won't believe how easy they are to make! Genius, I tell you! Absolute GENIUS!

This is the kind of creation that kids and adults go crazy for. What I really love about this recipe is that it looks beautiful and complicated, but is actually rolled up simplicity sprinkled with sugar. How come these kinds of ideas never spontaneously occur to me? I guess that's because I'm not a genius in the kitchen. Ni modo, I'm still going to reap the rewards, though, and you can too.

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