Easy Latin recipe: Pork & chorizo tamal pie is a shortcut to YUM!


If you are one of those people that can't stand the thought of a traditional recipe being messed with, then click away right now. Go ahead, I'll wait. I'm serious, if you can't handle creative license when it comes to cooking, then this scrumptious tamal pie recipe is not for you. Nope, you'll have to stick to actual tamales and never ever experience the delicious shortcut that is tamal pie--or as gringos like to call it tamale pie. And you know what? Too bad for you and more for the rest of us. You will have to wait for the holidays or organize a tamalada right quick to get your tamal fix at home. Good-bye to you for now.

Okay, now that those uptighty Mctightytons are gone, the rest of us can appreciate that an homage to a traditional recipe is not meant to replace the original, it's just a very sincere and edible form of flattery. The first time I had tamal pie, I knew it would not be my last because YUM!

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This camote smoothie will keep you healthy all winter long


I'm going to tell you a secret I'm not very proud of: I just recently started appreciating sweet potatoes. I know, what took me so long, right?! I grew up with a camote loving mother and for some reason, I wasn't into them until now. Now I like them so much that I've even started to make camote batidos. Sweet potatoes have immune boosting properties because they contain vitamins D, B6 and C. This time of year we can all use some help staying healthy, no?  Check out my sweet potato smoothie recipe for  a great way to get all the fabulous benefits of sweet potatoes in a quick, delicious, sippable form.

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8 EASY recipes every lazy mom needs to know​


My husband works second and third shift, which means he's only home for dinner two nights a week. The other five nights, it's just me and my toddler, and as I'm sure many of you know handling the dinner/bedtime portion of the day solo isn't for the faint of heart, especially when your kids are really little. That said, I've tried really hard not to compromise my value by relying on take-out too often. What I've done instead is mastered a pocketful of incredibly easy recipes that even the laziest--or most exhausted mami--can throw together. Here are some super-easy recipes to try, most of which are in my own personal rotation.

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Chicos De Buen Comer

3 Yummy and no-salt snacks for your toddler

A number of recent studies have further proven the pervasiveness--and subsequent danger--of sodium levels in the American diet, even for toddlers. It's not news that many busy Americans rely on pre-packaged convenience foods to feed their hunger on a regular basis, and it's definitely not a surprise that most of these foods are far from nutritional superstars, but it probably is a bit of shocker for most parents that foods manufactured just for babies and toddlers may actually be doing them more harm than good. Find out why and discover how to make three easy, nutritious snacks for the littlest members of your family.

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Get a HOT bod with these 10 spicy meals (RECIPES)

spicy PHOTOS

Pimienta and spice and everything nice--that's what hot, lean bods are made of. Honestly! It's a well-known fact that spicy foods do a great job of kicking your metabolism into high gear making it so you burn more calories and torch more fat. Or in other words: Eating spicy food makes you hotter, both inside and out. I guess that ol' saying, "You are what you eat," really does hold water, eh? Oh hells, yeah!

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Try this delicious marbled tres leches cake tonight!

Let me tell you something very true: I love chocolate cake, I love vanilla cake and I love tres leches cake. Hence, you can imagine how stoked I am to share this recipe for marbled tres leches cake by the wonderful and talented chef Pati Jinich from PBS' Pati's Mexican Table. It's like the perfect cake trifecta as far as I'm concerned. If you are anything like me, you are going to love it!

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Arroz con gandules recipe your family will LOVE


There are a few staples that my kitchen MUST have and one of them is rice. I love arroz, I was raised on arroz. How could you not love rice? It's so incredibly versatile. My mother is like an arroz artist, who taught me that you can turn rice into many variations of edible masterpieces. My chiquillos are being raised con arroz too. I love that rice is an easy way got them to eat other things too. Like with this rice and pigeon peas recipe, they get some peas and ham in them. Yummers! It works as a great side dish or can even be the entire meal. Gotta love that!

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Try this mouthwatering Mexican seared steak with jicama salsa


You know how they say you shouldn't go food shopping when you are hungry? Well, I think people should be warned about checking out recipes when hungry too because it ends up making you ravenous. That's how I feel after looking at this recipe for Mexican seared steaks with jicama salsa. I love a good seared steak so of course my mouth is watering and I'm cursing my computer screen for not letting me take a bite. I guess I'll just have to make my own.

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Sopa de fideos with my abuela's recipe


Recuerdos of my abuela always come flooding back whenever I taste a delicious bowl of sopa de fideos. I did not have an easy relationship with her, it was conflicted and felt difficult at times, but I knew then, what I know now, that my abuela loved me very much because she served that love up to me in endless bowls of her delicious sopas. The woman was an artist and her medium was soup. No one has ever come close to making soups as delicious as my abuela's. For some reason of all her many wonderful soups, my very favorite was always her simplest: sopa de fideos.

Chicken noodle soup has NOTHING on my abuela's sopa de fideos. It doesn't just scream comfort when I'm sick, it sings to me in the Spanish of my youth, it caresses my hair with its steamy goodness and assures me that everything is going to be all right. That's why I feel compelled to share a sopa de fideos recipe with you because everyone should know how to make something that is so simple and good.

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Healthy tuna fish tortilla recipe you can prep in a pinch


My gringo loves his tuna fish sandwich so much that he could eat this for lunch every day. But I never thought he'd love my mom's tuna fish tortilla recipe just as much! The tortilla resembles a thick omelet. This recipe is simple but very tasty and healthy. You can make it as an appetizer or an entrée.

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