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The EASIEST way to peel a mango!


This morning I cut up some mango for my fruit salad and boy was it annoying. Normally i try peeling and dicing it into pieces once I've cut it in half, but sometimes things get messy. Depending on the type of mango you have on hand, juices can squirt all over your countertop or it may not be ripe enough yet.

Then lo and behold I found a video that depicted the EASIEST way to peel a mango!

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Mango recall alert: Tainted fruit in markets could pose grave danger


If you are a mango lover then you NEED to drop everything you are doing right now! San Francisco's Pacific Organic Produce has recalled many cases of their mangoes after its been discovered that they are contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes.

The food borne illness is dangerous as it can cause diarrhea, muscle aches, fever and even WORSE, miscarriages in pregnant women. If you think you have these mangoes at home. Keep reading to find out more details!

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4 Yummy, healthy snacks to help keep you cool this summer (EXCLUSIVE RECIPES)

The higher the temperatures rise, the more I crave icy cold treats. Of course, I see nothing wrong with having a good old-fashioned ice cream sundae now and then, but if there's any chance I'll be able to squeeze into a swimsuit, I can't indulge every day. So rather than deprive myself all summer long, I've come up with a few homemade snacks that both me and my one-year-old son can enjoy on a hot day. Try these four recipes and let us know what you think. 

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How to make incredibly rich guava jelly just like Abuela's! (EXCLUSIVE RECIPE)

There is no ingredient more Latino than guava. From guava pastries in Cuba and South Florida, to Venezuelan cascos de guayaba, to Colombian guava bocadillos, guava is a Latin flavor I cannot resist. We even have a book The Fragrance of Guava (El olor de la guayaba) by Colombian writer Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez and Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza wax romantic about the tropical fruit, even saying that all the enigmas of our Latin American culture can be reduced to the smell of a ripe guava. Yum. To celebrate an ingredient that brings back memories of my childhood each time I have it, I'm sharing my family recipe to make deliciously rich guava jelly. 

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Latin ingredient of the week: Pineapple for 3 diet-friendly snacks! (RECIPES)

Pineapples are one of those great Latin ingredients that I could have any day of the year. Luckily for us, they're pretty widely available but, truth be told, pineapples are at their peak when they're in season from March until July. However, that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy them right now!

One of the newest ways I've learned to enjoy pineapple these days is in various different healthy snacks. My favorites are definitely these elotes-style pineapple wedges, pineapple empanaditas (mini empanadas) and the caramelized pineapple sundaes with coconut (a surprisingly satisfying and low-cal dessert!). You should try these because, trust me, they're an absolutely irresistible snack.

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Power up your weight loss with 8 Latin 'MegaFoods'

Have you heard of the new it-term for the best-for-you foods? In the new book The South beach Diet Wake-Up Call: 7 Real-Life Strategies for Living Your Healthiest Life Ever, cardiologist Arthur Agatson, MD, shares his list of the best foods for you.

These "MegaFoods", basically superfoods that are going to help you lose weight, pump up your immune system and do all kinds of good things for your body, are a great way to improve your overall health while also dropping the weight. Adding one of these 8 Latin "MegaFoods" to your diet is a sure-fire way to reap all of the heart-health and other benefits, including losing weight thanks to an added dose of protein, fiber and antioxidants in each of these foods. So, what are you waiting for? Let's power up our weight loss with each of these!

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8 Reasons mami was right to make you eat your veggies!

I've been saying that vegetables and fruit are good for you ever since I really started eating them when I was losing weight. In fact, eating plenty of greens is one of my best tips for keeping off the weight (like I maintain my 100 pound weight loss). But, to be honest, that's not the ONLY reason to eat veggies and fruit. I know that our mamis will all say "I told you so!" but she was definitely right to make us eat our vegetables and we're right to make our own kids eat their veggies. Why? Well, as I read recently on, here are 8 reasons why you & your family absolutely MUST eat your veggies.

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Latin ingredient of the week: Guava for the perfect appetizer or dessert! (VIDEO RECIPE)

When my mami first told me that she planted some guava trees and was going to be growing the tropical fruit, my first thought was: "Wait, isn't that the dark pink guayaba stuff that we get in a package in Latin grocery stores?"

Well, it turns out I was right--sort of. Pre-packaged guayaba comes from processed guava fruit and, although many of us are familiar with the easy-to-slice snack of guayaba and cream cheese (seriously, HOW GOOD IS IT?!), not a lot of us have had real, fresh guava. And, let me tell you, tasting this delicate light pink fruit is going to change your life for the better.

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The ultimate guide to cooking with winter fruits & vegetables, Latin style! (Part 2)

Well, I promised you I would do this, didn't I? Today is part of our ultimate guide to cooking with winter fruits and vegetables, Latin style! 

If you enjoyed yesterday's great 10 recipes (which included recipes for Satsuma oranges, kale, Brussels sprouts, persimmons, butternut squash, parsnips, acorn squash, kumquats, peal onions, and blood oranges), then you're going to love today's recipes even more! The winter veggies and fruit on the menu are jicama, beets, white beans, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, spaghetti squash, collard greens, clementines, turnips, and mustard greens. Trust me when I say that you and your whole family will absolutely LOVE these recipes. Dig in!

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The ultimate guide to cooking with winter fruits & vegetables, Latin style! (Part 1)

As mid-January gets closer, I'm reminded that we're really in the full swing of winter now. The weather is cold, there is snow across the country and, to be honest, less of my favorite fruits and vegetables in the stores.

Now is the time for winter fruits and vegetables to start making their tasty appearance but, to be honest, I very rarely know what to do with them. That's why I went searching high and low to bring you the BEST Latin recipes featuring winter fruits and vegetables to bring you the ultimate guide to cooking with them! And yes, this is part 1--because there were just SO MANY great recipes that I had to share them all. Check out the 10 delicious recipes, below, and then come back tomorrow for more!

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