Mexican restaurant's bug-encrusted food is huge hit


For most people, finding a bug in their food is enough to turn them off from a particular restaurant. Not so for fans of the Black Ant, a restaurant in New York City's East Village that specializes in serving up Mexican-inspired fare made with lots of love and a sprinkling of insects. Patrons of this unique eatery not only expect to find creepy crawlers in their food, but they order them right off what I think is perhaps the one of the weirdest menus I've ever seen. And that's really saying something coming from a native New Yorker!

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10 Delicious avocado smoothies to curb cravings

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Avocado batidos bring all the health nuts to the yard, and it's really no wonder why. This incredible, edible fruit is chock full of healthy fat, and its pit is a great source of fiber. What's more, avocado's creamy texture and mild taste makes it an ideal swap for dairy and soy-based milks. Honestly, what's not to like?

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QUIZ: What kind of gift should you get your man?


You've made your list and checked it twice, only to realize you've forgotten to get something for the man in your life. Oops! No worries. Whether you've been together for years or are just starting out, we can help you find the perfect gift for your hombre. Take the quiz below to find out what kind of gift will perfectly reflect your his unique interests, while capturing precisely how you feel about him. Consider this our gift to you!



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You've been drinking coffee WRONG your whole life!


Think your coffee is tasting particularly bitter this morning? Then you might want to take a closer look at the mug it's in rather than the brew you're drinking. A new research has found that the color of your coffee mug could have an effect on how you perceive its taste. Crazy, right? Turns out our brain associates various characteristics with different colors and that, in turn, changes how we taste our drink. Read on to find out what color would make your coffee taste sweetest.

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9 Latin drinks to help celebrate the holiday season


The holiday season makes me want to curl up in a cozy spot with a drink in hand, or sit around a fire with a drink in hand or visit with relatives with a drink in hand or you pretty much you get the picture. And I'm not talking about just any old drink. This time of year I prefer a Latin holiday beverage of sorts. I'm sure I'm not alone, so I've put together some wonderful Latin libations to make merry with, some are old-ish, some are new-ish and all of them are festive!

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Detox with this avocado seed green smoothie for weight loss (Recipe)


With the holidays already in full swing, there's nothing better than having an easy green smoothie recipe to help detox your body from all of those yummy fixings. I recently started juicing and making my own weight loss smoothies, and I have to admit it has made a difference in my skin and stomach area. The secret weapon to this green smoothie is an avocado seed.  

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5 Ways black coffee helps you lose weight

I've read all about the crazy amazing health and diet benefits of green tea for years, but I've never been able to get myself to choke the stuff down. I'm just not a tea girl. Now coffee? That's my drink of choice! So when I recently learned coffee may promote weight loss, I just about lost my ever loving mind. Surely, this news is too good to be true, right?

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5 Foods you should stop eating NOW

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If there is surefire way to lose weight that would be through "clean eating." The way to do this is to stop eating certain foods. This will help you live longer, look better and feel sharper. By knowing what to avoid, your grocery list will become cleaner, and your shopping cart will be more colorful. You will also be able to do most of your shopping in the produce section of your grocery store.

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Brooklyn teacher got students drunk & took them to sex clubs


Another day, another breaking story about a teacher having sex with students. This time the sucio in question is Sean Shaynak, a math and physics teacher at Brooklyn's prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School. The 44-year-old divorced father of one was indicted Tuesday on thirty-six counts involving sex with six different students, some of whom he took to nude beaches and sex clubs, and even demanded they have sex with other girls for his viewing pleasure. Incredibly, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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7 Healthy wine smoothies for adults ONLY


A girlfriend of mine recently introduced me to the wonderful world of wine smoothies, and though I was skeptical to try them at first, I have to admit they're pretty amazing. Wine smoothies combine the rich decadence of wine with the creamy goodness of a smoothie. Oh, and have I mentioned that most of these concoctions are actually quite healthy? It's true.

Most wine smoothie recipes call for heaping helpings of antioxidant-rich berries, belly-friendly yogurt, and even a little heart-healthy dark chocolate. The fact that these recipes also happen to call for red or white wine is just icing on this already delicious cake.

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