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3 Ways to drink like a Mexican this Cinco de Mayo


Confession: I love Cinco de Mayo, always have, always will. However, there are those who will argue that it's not even a real holiday. I suppose there is a bit of truth to that. In Mexico, CInco de Mayo is celebrated regionally as El Día de la Batalla de Puebla. I think it is telling that we make a bigger deal of it in the U.S. than in Mexico, maybe it's because Mexicans on this side of the border need a way to help gringos embrace Mexican pride. 

Whether you think it is a "real" holiday or not, if you are over 21-years-old, why not use it as an excuse to drink like a Mexican?

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Happy National Tequila Day! Celebrate with these 9 delicious cocktails

Today is National Tequila Day and what can be better than these tequila coktails to celebrate? Recipes are courtesy of Patrón, Don Julio and José Cuervo. They all look irresistible not only for today but to refresh this hot summer.

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Beat the heat with a delicious frozen fruit daiquiri! (RECIPES)

Today is National Daiquiri Day. This delicious rum-based drink is believed to have been invented on the beaches of Daiquiri and Siboney in Cuba, 113 years ago, during the war against Spanish colonialism. But it was not until the mid Twentieth Century when daiquiris became popular thanks to Ernest Hemingway. They say the author of For Whom the Bell Tolls used to drink at El Floridita bar in Havana, nothing less than 12 daiquiris daily!!! Can you believe it? What about this drink made it somewhat of an addiction for him and how can you enjoy daiquiris as well? Read on...

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3 Yummy summer twists on the usual sangria

Is there a more summer-appropriate drink than a tall, delicate glass of sangria full of fruit? I don't think so! That's why we got Chef Bren Herrera of Flanboyant Eats to share some of her favorite summer sangria recipes. But these aren't your usual tried-and-true sangrias! No, these are amazingly unique twists on our favorite summer cocktail. 

So grab a pitcher and some wine glasses and get ready to impress everyone with these yummy sangrias--perfect for these hot days of summer!

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Cool off with this delicious piña colada (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Today is National Piña Colada Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a piña colada frappe to forget about the heat and all the life worries too? 

This particular recipe has the signature of a super star bartender in New York City: Giuseppe González, a Puerto Rican neurobiologist graduated from Cornell University, who left the science aside to engage in mixology.

A true modern alchemist, Giuseppe has worked in the best bars in NYC: Flatiron, Clover Club, Dutch Kills, and more recently PKNY and Golden Cadillacs, doing something he's very good at: mixing the best cocktails you can imagine.

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How to make the perfect mojito (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The quintessential Cuban drink, it's believed the mojito was born in 1910 and was prepared for the first time in a bar on the beach of La Concha, in Cuba. Contrary to what is commonly believed, its creation is not associated with any particular brand of rum. History apart, after the Cuba Libre, the mojito is the best-known and most consumed rum-based drink. In this this tutorial we'll show you how to prepare the perfect mojito.

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5 Boozy cupcakes inspired by Latin cocktails! (RECIPES)

Although I am typically a very healthy eater, there are two things that I love to indulge in occasionally: cocktails and dessert. I just love a good margarita and a really nice piece of chocolate cake. And yes, I do mean that they go well together. Why not?! Then, one day, I discovered something even better: Latin cocktail-inspired cupcakes. Each one of these recipes is as unique as the cocktail that it is based on and, personally, I can't wait to try every single one. These delicious desserts are sure to inspire you and make everyone in your family happy. Now, let's eat up! YUM.

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National Margarita Day: Our 7 favorite recipes ever!

Happy National Margarita Day!

You all probably already know how much I love food holidays and, even better, cocktail holidays! Well, with today being a celebration of one of the most iconic Latin drinks, I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with our 7 favorite margarita recipes EVER. We all know the classic margarita or even some variations, but these recipes are going to shock and delight you more than you can possibly imagine. Want a spicy margarita? How about a low calorie margarita? Or what about the cutest little margarita Jell-O shooter? Check them out and let's drink up!

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Drink Wine Day: 5 things you need to know to pick the perfect bottle of wine

Happy National Drink Wine Day! Yes, that's right, today is the day to drink wine and, even better, today is the day to share a bottle of wine with friends and family. But how do you pick the perfect bottle of wine? This is something that I've been struggling with for years but, thankfully, there are 5 things that you should know in order to pick the perfect bottle of wine. Celebrate today with a great bottle of wine alongside your favorite Latin dish and, well, you'll be all set. Enjoy!

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Celebrate Carnaval with these 5 traditional Brazilian recipes!

Although Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is officially over, the celebrations continue all across South America until the end of the month. And in celebration of this, well, celebration, we're serving up 5 traditional Brazilian recipes that you simply can't miss!

The truth is that, since Carnaval is a street celebration, you're more likely to find Brazilian street food like espetinho, grilled meat on a skewer, being eaten by anyone who's actually attending the festivities. But since I'm not, I am indulging in some of my favorite Brazilian dishes. I hope you'll dig in! You and your family will definitely NOT be disappointed after trying these delicious recipes.

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