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Latin cuisine is often associated with grains like rice and corn and starchy veggies like plantains and pumpkin. You might be surprised to discover that there are actually lots of Latin dishes that are compliant with the ketogenic diet or can be easily modified to fit within the diet's low-carb parameters. In reality, it's totally possible to enjoy Latin flavors while you're on the keto diet, and many proponents of the diet have even developed Latin-inspired keto recipes.

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The ketogenic diet is a way of eating focused on eating foods that are high in fats and proteins and lower in carbohydrates to force the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. Many people experience rapid weight loss while on the keto diet, which can be a convenient way to jump-start the metabolism, especially for individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose.

But, of course, the diet's strict parameters are a huge shift for most people, and it can be difficult to give up so many foods for an extended period of time, particularly when you find that many of your favorite foods are off limits. But with a bit of creativity, you can actually find plenty of replacements for the carb components in a lot of Latin dishes--cheese, to name a popular one. Here are 20 Latin and Latin-inspired recipes we would eat even if we weren't on the keto diet.

You won't believe the bread replacement for this Cuban sandwich. 1

By simply replacing the bread with cheese, almond flour, and egg, you can make an otherwise completely traditional sandwich with all of the other tasty components.

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These arepas look exactly like the regular version. 2

These arepas are so stuffed with chile verde chicken, avocado salsa, and tangy slaw that you won't even notice the arepa itself is made with almond flour, egg, cheese, and butter instead of cornmeal.

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Chicharron are the perfect crunchy snack. 3

Chicharron are the perfect crunchy snack.


Going on the keto diet means you might have to cut out some of your favorite snacks like chips and tortillas, but it also means you can start eating delicious Latin snacks like crunchy chicharron again. They are naturally low-carb!

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This keto avocado salsa makes the perfect dip. 4

This keto avocado salsa makes the perfect dip.


Avocado salsa is basically a smoother version of guacamole, and it's an inherently keto-friendly dip replacement--perfect for pairing with your chicharron or as an accompaniment to nearly any Latin dish.

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This low-carb chile relleno casserole is simple enough to make any night of the week. 5

Instead of actually stuffing and frying peppers, this recipe calls for roasting your chiles, slicing them, and layering them with cheeses, lasagna style. It's got all the flavor of chiles rellenos without the breading and the labor-intensive process.

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This keto pork roast is full of classic Cuban flavors. 6

This keto pork roast is full of classic Cuban flavors.


Many meat dishes are naturally keto-compliant. By making your own marinade instead of using a store-bought one, this Cuban roast pork totally fits the bill. The flavors of orange, garlic, and herbs are to die for.

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Or you can go with a tender beef version. 7

Or you can go with a tender beef version.


This recipe for keto Cuban-style pot roast isn't particularly traditional, but it is similar to ropa vieja and is absolutely yummy. Plus, it cooks up in the slow cooker, so you just set it and forget it.

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You will not miss the carbs in this green chile chicken. 8

This toasty, cheesy, bubbly keto green chile chicken is deceptively simple to make and perfect for feeding the whole family. It's also impressive enough to serve to guests.

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If you like cheese, you might like these keto beef enchiladas better than regular. 9

The keto version of beef enchiladas has all the flavors of the original, but without the carbs. Instead of corn tortillas, the filling is rolled into discs of toasted cheese, adding delicious flavor and a nice texture as well.

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You can use the same method to make keto quesadillas. 10

Making keto-friendly chicken quesadillas  requires only one additional step. Instead of using store-bought corn tortillas, you just grate and toast piles of cheese to make a tortilla replacement, which takes just a few minutes. Then fill and cook your quesadillas as usual.

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Picadillo is totally keto-friendly. 11

Served over cauliflower rice instead of traditional white rice, a classic picadillo dinner is absolutely compliant with a keto diet. But keep in mind that if you usually add raisins to your picadillo, you'll want to leave them out to keep the dish low-carb.

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It's easy to replace the chips in nachos. 12

Most nacho toppings are naturally low-carb--think cheese, jalapenos, and tomatoes--so all you need to do to enjoy them on the keto diet is find a replacement for the tortilla chips. Pork rinds, for example.

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Or you can use homemade cheese crisps. 13

If you don't like pork rinds or just want to be able to switch things up a bit, you can make "chips" by toasting rounds of shredded cheese and using them as the base for your keto nachos.

Get the full recipe from the Soccer Mom Blog.


Keto doesn't mean the end of Taco Tuesday. 14

By creating a taco shell out of toasted cheese, you can totally enjoy keto-friendly tacos every Tuesday. The shells are simple to make and can be filled with any of your favorite taco meats and veggies.

Get the full recipe from Low Carb Maven.


Cheesy taco cups are a fun snack or party appetizer. 15

You can make adorable keto-friendly taco cups as a snack or party appetizer by whipping up a batch of quick and easy toasted cheese cups and filling them with your taco favorites. Kids will even enjoy them as a complete meal.

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This Mexican-inspired keto pizza looks amazing. 16

This keto-safe, Mexican-inspired pizza is absolutely drool-worthy. Crispy, cheesy crust, savory beef, fresh veggies, salsa, and guac? Yes, please. Plus, it takes less than 30 minutes to make from start to finish.

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Keto Mexican-inspired zucchini boats are super nutritious. 17

Zucchini boats are an excellent low-carb meal option that pack a lot of nutritional punch. When you fill them with classic Mexican flavors like chorizo, veggies, chipotle peppers, and cheese, you don't have to sacrifice taste to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Classic Peruvian roasted chicken is great for keto diet followers. 18

Succulent Peruvian roasted chicken is a classic preparation and is super compliant with a low-carb diet. Roasted chicken is an excellent source of protein, and the skin is full of the fat that balances the keto diet. Topped with that amazingly zesty Peruvian green sauce, you can't go wrong.

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You wouldn't think so, but pupusas can be low-carb. 19

You wouldn't think so, but pupusas can be low-carb.


Using the same recipe for low-carb bread that we've mentioned previously, you can make amazingly crisp and cheesy pupusas to curb your cravings. Top with a healthy slaw, and you've got a complete keto meal.

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And now for dessert... 20

Yes, you read that right! Keto cake actually exists. In fact, you can even make keto tres leches cake. Because tres leches cake uses lots of eggs and three different types of dairy products, it naturally covers the high-protein aspect. Making a keto alternative really just involves substituting out the wheat flour and sugar.

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