Here's the correct way to peel & eat pineapple


How do you peel a pineapple easily? There's no day that passes that the internet doesn't show us that we've been doing something wrong our entire lives. While pineapples are delicious, cutting up a whole one is a daunting task that almost makes us want to stay away from the tasty fruit altogether. But there's an easier way to peel a pineapple that has left us in shock. Oh, we've also been eating pineapples wrong forever. 

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A true genius on Twitter shared a video of a new hack for cutting pineapples that makes eating them so simple. If you've ever struggled with a large knife and a cutting board to get through the tough exterior just to get to the juicy flesh, you'll appreciate the simplicity of this new trick that we definitely need to try out for ourselves.

Kitchen gadgets are sold to help make pineapple cutting easier.

And to be honest, it still looks a bit complicated! No wonder someone came up with the hack of just pulling out pieces of the fruit one by one with the fingers.


Now there's a video going around of a person effortlessly pulling a piece of pineapple and eating it.

Excuse the loud chewing in the background and focus on the hand motion. It doesn't seem like the person struggled at all. While it does seem like he/she cut into the top of the fruit and then around some of the eyes, since the other pieces move when one is pulled out, it does seem a lot more pleasant than the traditional way we cut the fruit.


Naturally, some people began attempting the trick and shared their results online.

One user gave it a shot and was succesful! She peeled off every eye of the pineapple and made it look so easy! (Warning: She uses a lot of explicit language in the clip.) "I learn more on Twitter than I do in formal education," the person said full of excitement. "I've been eating pineapples, I've been struggling all my life. You could literally pull it. God sat up in heaven and thought about every d-mn thing!" 

For others, it didn't quite work.

The girl's mother was in the background and was quick to call her out on this internet life hack after it didn't quite work. The mom said, "I think this is a myth buster and you just busted it!"


People are also shocked at the fact that pineapples are a type of berry.

One user broke down how the fruit is formed and said it is actually made up of multiple tiny berries that come together to form a whole pineapple. Another user poetically described the fruit as "a Jenga of pulp." Whether you use this new hack to cut into the fruit or stick to the traditional way, they're both better than buying the pre-cut plastic tubs of diced pineapples at the grocery store, which not friendly to your budget or the environment.

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