It's soup season! As the weather gets colder and colder and cold and flu season kicks into gear, lots of people are looking to nourish their bodies with nutritious, hearty, warm sopitas, and we totally get it. But there are only so many pots of the standard chicken soup or minestrone you can clear before your tastebuds get a little bored. What you put into your soup is only limited by your imagination, and if that's not really your thing there are lots of recipes for both traditional soups and more modern takes right at your fingertips.


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Soups and stews are easily altered with the addition of new, more flavorful spices and vegetables, and there's tons of inspiration to be drawn from the rich flavors of Latin American cuisine. Plus, most of us grew up with big pots of a variety of soups and stews from sancocho and sopa de fideo to menudo and pozole on our tables any time someone was sick or the temperature dropped, so we can always turn to those old-school dishes.

Latin soups are basically soul food, so it's no surprise that many of our traditional spices and ingredients can also be used to add some variety to American standards. Click through our gallery to find 30 ideas for soups that are sure to warm your body and your soul on a chilly day--from classics to more inventive versions of old favorites.

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