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My son started kindergarten last year and we were shocked to find out that he would actually have homework four days a week. Even though kindergarten was only half-day, my then 5-year-old was used to taking a nap daily and would come home from school cranky and exhausted. After a few weeks, we realized he needed to have a healthy snack as soon as we walked in the door, and smoothies were a quick and easy option.

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You can literally grab almost any combination of fruit, vegetables, milk, nut butters and spices and create a yummy, energizing snack for the whole family in just a few minutes. You really can't get much better fuel than that. Plus, you can totally taylor any smoothie to your own child's preferences.

To save even more time you can even prep smoothie bags and freeze them ahead of time so all you have to do when you're ready to whip one up is add all of the frozen ingredients to the blender along with some liquid and zap it up. So fast, so healthy and totally delicious too. Click through our gallery for some awesome kid-friendly smoothie inspo.

Try this brain-boosting blueberry smoothie. 1

This pretty-hued smoothies features blueberries, coconut oil and goji berries--a combination that improves mental clarity and memory. The perfect pre-homework snack!

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This coconut creamsicle smoothie is almost like an ice cream treat. 2

This 5-ingredient smoothie contains coconut milk, mango and orange, is so simple to make and tastes just like the old-school frozen creamsicle treat.

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This tasty kiwi-kale smoothie has lots of nutrients. 3

Thanks to the yummy sweet-sour flavor of kiwi, your kids won't even notice there's healthy kale in this creamy Vitamin C-rich green smoothie.

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An anti-oxidant rich smoothie is a perfect healthy snack. 4

The antioxidants in this starfruit and blueberry smoothie are sure to keep your kiddos feeling on top of their game, even after a long day.

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Peanut butter and oats are kid favorites. 5

If you're kids are feeling extra-hungry, this hearty smoothie should do the trick. It features peanut butter, rolled oats and banana.

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This smoothie is more like a delicious milkshake. 6

The addition of chocolate gives this peanut butter banana smoothie totally over-the-top dessert-like flavor, but it's still really nutritious.

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This smoothie is a twist on a classic afternoon snack. 7

Cookies and milk are a classic after school snack, so this smoothie riff on an oatmeal raisin cookie is pretty much perfect to serve up to your kiddos when they get home.

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What kid wouldn't love a blueberry muffin smoothie? 8

With a base of blueberries and bananas, this smoothie really does taste a lot like a blueberry muffin, but it has added protein from Greek yogurt and heart-healthy oats.

Get the full recipe from Iowa Girl Eats.


The flavors of this pineapple banana smoothie are delicious! 9

Adding pineapple to a traditional banana smoothie, makes it much more interesting and adds lots of Vitamin C.

Get the full recipe from Roti N Rice.

This smoothie takes strawberry lemonade up a notch. 10

My kids love lemonade, so I know they would go absolutely crazy for this strawberry lemonade-inspired smoothie, which calls for just four basic ingredients.

Get the full recipe from Damn Delicious.


This pumpkin pie smoothie is the perfect fall snack. 11

When fall weather starts to kick in, treat your kiddos to this pumpkin pie smoothie which is full of nutrients from pure pumpkin puree, banana, milk and yogurt.

Get the full recipe from Shugary Sweets.

This creamy coconut and banana smoothie is a winner. 12

Sometimes the simplest combination is the best when it comes to smoothies. This creamy licuado includes healthy fats from coconut milk and bananas, which help improve cognitive function.

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A smoothie this pretty is sure to please your kiddos. 13

This gorgeous layered smoothie is packed with healthy ingredients like strawberries, pineapple and beets, and it's sure to hold your kids over until dinner.

Get the full recipe from The First Year.

Can you get any better than a PB&J smoothie? 14

This smoothie has all the flavors of the classic kid-favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich without all the empty calories.

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This cherry chocolate smoothie is so flavorful! 15

This filling smoothies has the decadent flavor of chocolate-covered cherries, but it's actually really nutritious. It's sweetened with a banana and includes cinnamon, flax seed and raw cocoa powder.

Get the full recipe from Natalie's Health.

A strawberry vanilla smoothie has subtle flavors. 16

This smoothie tastes a lot like strawberry milk, but it's way, way better for you. It includes oats, strawberries, banana and almonds.

Get the full recipe from Simply Made Recipes.


This raspberry almond smoothie is packed with protein. 17

A great dairy-free option, this raspberry and almond smoothie has plenty of protein from almond butter and whole almonds.

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This blackberry smoothie is nice and hearty. 18

This blackberry and almond milk smoothie features a healthy dose of rolled oats, which should help satiate hangry kiddos.

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This strawberry smoothie has a secret healthy ingredient. 19

If your kids are as active as mine, the addition of protein powder in this fruit and veggie smoothie which also includes strawberries, zucchini, peaches and mango should give them the strength they need to get through homework hour without getting cranky.

Get the full recipe from Fit Mami Life.

This sweet mango vanilla smoothie is such a treat. 20

Sweet mango pairs well with vanilla in this yummy smoothie. The flavors are subtle, but thanks to Greek yogurt the smoothie is filling.

Get the full recipe from Gather for Bread.


Surprise your kids with a banana nutella smoothie. 21

This super-simple treat is like a cross between a smoothie and a milkshake. It's basically just banana, Nutella and milk, but it has tons of flavor.

Get the full recipe from Smart Lil Cookie.

The flavors of strawberry and papaya are kid-pleasing. 22

This easy and flavorful strawberry and papaya smoothie can be whipped up in no time. Just add coconut milk and a banana for a healthy, sweet snack.

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This smoothie is an immunity booster. 23

It can be really hot the first few weeks of school. This mango and Greek yogurt smoothie is packed with protein and super-refreshing.

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This pomegranate smoothie will keep your kids healthy. 24

Keep your kids healthy with this immune-boosting smoothie which includes pomegranate juice, berries and kale to help fight off pretty much any bug.

Get the full recipe from Super Healthy Kids.


A papaya mint smoothie can help settle a nervous tummy. 25

If school has your kiddo feeling a bit anxious, this tasty papaya, mint and ginger should help settle that nervous tummy. The Greek yogurt adds protein and makes it more filling.

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This healthy smoothie is loaded with goodness. 26

The ingredients in this smoothie are kind of random, but thanks to sweet fruits like strawberries, cherries and mango, dates and orange juice it all works.

Get the full recipe from Detoxinista.


Get more veggies in with this berry smoothie. 27

Frozen berries make for an incredibly quick and easy smoothie. Add some broccoli and you'll get an extra dose of iron in your kids too. They won't even notice!

Get the full recipe from Sunday Supper Movement.

This tropical smoothie is perfect for picky kids. 28

Even if you can't get your kid to eat carrots at dinner, he's likely to slurp them down in this tasty tropical smoothie starring pineapple, orange juice and banana.

Get the full recipe from Happy Mothering.


This peachy smoothie is full of healthy fats. 29

This green smoothie has great flavor from peaches and bananas, but it's loaded with brain-boosting healthy fats from avocado as well.

Get the full recipe from Chief Health.

This vegan strawberry peanut butter smoothie has just four ingredients. 30

We've been making our own version of this strawberry peanut butter smoothie for a while, and I've gotta tell you, it might sound strange but it's absolutely delicious. This simple recipe includes just four ingredients that you probably always have on hand.

Get the full recipe from Beaming Baker.


This unique smoothie combines two favorite kid snacks. 31

Peanut butter and banana is a classic combo, but there's no reason you can't shake it up by using apple instead. The additions of oats and protein powder also make this smoothie super-filling.

Get the full recipe from With Salt and Wit.

It's super-simple to make a caramel apple smoothie. 32

Add caramel sauce to a basic smoothie and your kids will think they're getting something truly special.

Get the full recipe from Crazy for Crust.


This protein-packed banana almond smoothie is sweet and nutritious. 33

Almond butter, flax meal and Greek yogurt add lots of protein to this sweet banana smoothie.

Get the full recipe from Cooking Classy.

Your kids will think this healthy smoothie is a special treat. 34

Believe it or not, dates totally make this smoothie taste like caramel and oats, almond butter, vanilla almond milk and a dash of salt make it taste just like a cookie.

Get the full recipe from Running With Spoons.


This strawberry smoothie includes an unexpected veggie. 35

I throw all sorts of frozen veggies in my kids' smoothies including cauliflower, spinach, broccoli and peas like in this strawberry smoothie, which also features pineapple juice.

Get the full recipe from MamásLatinas.

This simple smoothie is packed with kid-friendly flavors. 36

Who wouldn't want their smoothie to taste like a cinnamon roll?! This tasty smoothie does have a little bit of brown sugar in it, but the rolled oats, banana and Greek yogurt totally balance it out.

Get the full recipe from Family Fresh Meals.


Kids will love this banan cream pie smoothie. 37

This smoothie actually has real vanilla wafers, which really brings the banana cream pie flavor home. Plus, it has a nice dose of protein and calcium from Greek yogurt.

Get the full recipe from Baker by Nature.

This chocolate chip mint smoothie tastes like ice cream. 38

My son loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and it was my favorite as a kid too. Thanks to coconut milk and yogurt, this green smoothie totally nails that creamy, minty goodness.

Get the full recipe from Sunkissed Kitchen.


This chocolate raspberry smoothie is surprisingly dairy-free. 39

Chocolate and raspberries are a match made in heaven. This smoothie features dairy-free chocolate-coconut flavored yogurt which totally brings out those yummy flavors.

Get the full recipe from My Gluten-Free Kitchen.

A sweet potato smoothie is filling and nutritious. 40

Sweet potato is one of the healthiest veggies out there, and it tastes delicious pretty much any way you prepare it, including in this simple smoothie.

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