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Life is meant to be celebrated, and for celebrities that often means getting an over-the-top cake for every occasion. Whether it's for a birthday, a career milestone, or the arrival of their children, these stars know exactly who to call to have the perfect treat baked for them exactly how they like it. 

Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to the Kardashians and Becky G knows that sometimes life's most special moments need to be commemorated with a special and sugary treat. There are so many famous mamás who go all out when it comes to celebrating their little ones' birthdays. They choose a theme for the party and then obviously they have to get a cake to match it. And you should see some of these incredible creations!

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Stars often share photos of themselves with the cakes, and the pictures alone are enough to make your mouth water, especially for people with a major sweet tooth. We really can't get enough of how delicious these cakes look! Some of them are multi-level sweet creations that reach for the sky. OK, a bit dramatic, but it's true!

And even if you're watching your figure, always remember just un pedacito won't hurt. If you need cake inspiration for an upcoming event, look no further than your favorite celebrities. Check out some of the most jaw-dropping and stunning celebrity cakes of all time.

Jennifer Lopez's 50th birthday cake was fit for a queen. 1

J.Lo promised that her 50th birthday celebration would be one for the books, and she wasn't kidding. The singer shared this gorgeous pic from her party and showed that her stunning gold and black cake, which was fit for royalty, was way taller than she is!


Lupillo Rivera knows how to put a smile on his little girl's face. 2

The singer surprised his daughter Karizma with a quinceañera and it was a dream! He chose everything, from her dress to her cake, and he knocked it out of the park. 


Of course, Jennifer Lopez had to spoil her beau. 3

Alex Rodriguez received quite the cake for his birthday in July 2019. Jen made sure it paid homage to his time as a Yankee, and it was made with chocolate Godiva flavor with chocolate buttercream filling.

Alexander Delgado had a massive cake. 4

Cards, dice, music? We have a feeling this cake the Gente De Zona singer got was Las Vegas-themed. He looked totally happy with his cake made by Divine Delicacies Cakes in Miami.


Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday cake had some personality. 5

Many people look forward to turning 21 for a very specific reason. Kylie made sure her 21st birthday cake looked like a wild night, and it was decorated with tiny liquor bottles and confetti.


A giant cake wasn't enough for Cardi B's daughter. 6

For her daughter Kulture's first birthday in July 2019, Cardi spared no expense to make sure it was an absolute dream. This giant colorful cake was accompanied by a table of sweet treats that her guest surely appreciated.


Becky G totally fell in love with this incredible creation. 7

Becky G celebrated her song "Sin Pijama" with the most over-the-top but most fitting cake, ever. The singer reacted to the surprise on Instagram, and wrote: "Best cake I’ve ever had in my life!! 😍 Look how gorgeous it is!! Thank you sooo much @divinedelicaciescakes  for my #SinPijama cake 🎂💓 I love you guys!"

Jennifer Lopez clearly loves celebrating with cake. 8

The singer also got her own gigantic dessert creation when she celebrated 100 shows for her All I Have Las Vegas residency in June 2018. 


Stormi Webster had a huge rainbow cake for her first birthday. 9

Kylie Jenner had a cake made for her daughter's birthday that looked just like the ones her cousins North and Penelope had. But instead of being unicorn-themed, hers had her name written on it and was covered in tiny round sprinkles. How insane?!

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian made their daughters' birthdays extra magical. 10

Penelope Disick and North West had a joint unicorn-themed birthday party in June 2018 and the girls each had their own colorful and candy-filled cakes.


Sofía Vergara's wedding cake was no joke. 11

The Modern Family actress and her husband Joe Manganiello were playing no games when it came to their wedding cake. The cake reaches way higher than them in this snap, and they're a pretty tall couple.

This one takes the cake. LOL. 12

This stunning cake for Adamari's 47th birthday was a sight to see. It was inspired by the actress' trip to Istanbul, Turkey.


Kim Kardashian went all out for Chicago's first birthday. 13

The mom of three threw her baby girl Chicago an Alice in One-derland birthday party when she turned 1 in January 2019. The cake was filled with so many details from the movie and it's for sure a standout.

Amy Schumer's baby cake is just as horrifying as it is impressive. 14

The actress shared photos of the cake her sister-in-law baked for her during her pregnancy and it was ridiculous. It was a baby coming out of the mother, and there were so many details that are just too much to mention.


Cardi B was surprised with a cake of her face. 15

Cardi B was surprised with a cake of her face.

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Cardi showed up to a charity event to hand out coats and sneakers to people in Brooklyn, but she was surprised with a cake with a photo of herself instead. So cute!

Jennifer Lopez's kids got double the fun. 16

J.Lo's kids are truly spoiled when it comes to their birthdays. The singer took her twins Max and Emme for a candy-filled celebration at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas. The duo, who were turning 10, each got their own custom-made cake.


Shakira and Gerard Piqué celebrated their birthdays with a chicken cake. 17

The couple celebrated their birthdays in February 2019 with this funky little cake. The flavor looks like it is chocolate and it was also decorated with a mamá and papá chicken, plus two little chickies we're guessing represent their two kids. "Thanks for all your affectionate and moving messages yesterday," the singer captioned the Instagram pic. "Here is how we celebrated as family."

Adamari's daughter also got her own special cake. 18

The TV host threw a huge party for her daughter Alaïa's birthday. She thanked the baker for the creation and complimented her on the pretty details. 


A cake fit for a princess. 19

A cake fit for a princess.

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Ariana Grande celebrated her 21st birthday at Disney World! The songstress blew the candles of an adorable blue and pink cake, and she enjoyed it alongside Cinderella and her prince charming.

Now that's how you celebrate a baby! 20

Eva Longoria celebrated her baby shower in May 2018 with a stunning cake, which was decorated in different shades of yellow. So pretty!


Even Jennifer looked stunned at this magnificent creation. 21

In July 2017, J.Lo celebrated her birthday with a six-tier dessert, which was decorated with edible gold and Swarovski crystal details.

Gloria Trevi celebrated her 50th birthday the right way. 22

The singer brought in her 50th birthday with a beautiful gold and chocolate cake. She shared a photo of it on Instagram and captioned it: "Y tan bello q estaba mi pastel!😂😂😂."


A cake fit for royalty. 23

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their wedding by skipping the traditional fruitcake royals usually choose for their weddings. Instead the pair went with a lemon elderflower cake made by baker Claire Ptak.

Kanye West celebrated his 41st birthday with a mountain cake. 24

Kim Kardashian had the mountains in Wyoming recreated for her husband's birthday. The state holds significant meaning for the rapper in 2018 after he spent months there recording his album Ye, and producing a ton of other projects. He even used the same mountains for the album's cover.


This Spice Girl got a real fruit cake for her birthday. 25

If you're on a health kick, Victoria Beckham's birthday cake is right up your alley. The fashion designer shared this cake her children got for her made of nothing but watermelon, strawberries and blueberries. Tasty!

Ana Patricia's daughter's cake was incredibly bright. 26

Ana Patricia Gámez celebrated daughter Giulietta's third birthday with a gorgeous and colorful cake. 


The Kardashians love spoiling one another with sweet treats. 27

Even though they're always sharing their diet tips, the Kardashians do love to indulge from time to time. When Kylie Jenner found out her sister Khloé Kardashian's baby's gender, she had a gorgeous cake made for her to reveal the big news. So sweet, in more ways than one!

The Kardashians love Kake. 28

The Kardashians love Kake.

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The Kardashians celebrated the release of their Kardashian Kollection in Sears in 2012 with a gigantic cake. You can feed a small army with that!


Victoria Ruffo got the cake she deserved. 29

For her birthday in May 2018, Victoria Ruffo had a cake with the world "Queen" written in gold letters. We can't think of anyone more deserving than her to have a cake like that.

Ximena Duque goes all out for her babies. 30

When her baby daughter Luna turned 4 months old, the Colombian actress had an adorable flamingo cake made in her honor. 


This cake was sky high. 31

Alejanadra Espinoza had a wonderful cake made for her son's third airport-themed birthday bash. The three-tier cake was decked out with flying airplanes a big "3" in the center. So cool!