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Sometimes feeding kids well--without all the storebought, preservative- and artificial-ingredient-laden snacks--can be challenging. It's hard not to fall into a piece-of-fruit or bowl-of-baby-carrots rut.

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Because we all know how finnicky kids can be with food, it's not a stretch to say that boredom could lead to food battles, so it's a good idea to throw some new and fun snacks into the rotation every once in a while just to keep things interesting.

All the following snack ideas are natural, nutritious and delicious. Click through our gallery for some serious snack inspiration.

These baked whole-wheat churros are much healthier than the standard. 1

Who can resist a churro?! Not me, but I'm not keen on feeding my kids deep-fried foods on the regular. I love the option to nix the oil and bake churros instead and the use of whole wheat flour is a bonus. This recipe has a tiny bit of added sugar, but no artificial ingredients or flavorings.

Get the full recipe at Cook for Your Life.


Guava cheese bites are such a traditional snack. 2

I grew up eating guava paste and white cheese on soda crackers, and my kids love it too. I like the idea of cutting the guava paste and cheese into little cubes and skewering them into individual bites. Kids love eating food served this way! Just be sure to check the guava paste ingredient list--some brands use preservatives and artificial colors.

Get the recipe directions at My Colombian Recipes.


Paprika gives this popcorn just a bit more flare. 3

Popcorn, homemade or storebought, is a favorite snack around our house. My kids prefer when I make it on the stovetop. They call it "mami popcorn" and add some seasonings. Salt and butter alone are great, but add a bit of paprika, garlic or cheese and you've got a real winner.

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Cilantro lime roasted chickpeas are savory and healthy. 4

Do your kids love beans? My kids LOVE beans. They love them any way I make them, so this crispy garbanzo bean snack is a no-brainer. It takes only a couple of minutes of hands-on time and is a great alternative to flavored potato chips which often have preservatives and artificial flavors and colors added.

Get the full recipe at Isabel Eats.


Brazilian cheese bread combines two kid favorites. 5

It's a rare kid who doesn't enjoy cheesy bread. Brazilian pao de queijo is a quick and easy five-ingredient muffin-tin recipe that's sure to fall into the favorite snack category. Plus, you can make a big batch at once and reheat for a few days.

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Mangoneada makes for a refreshing snack. 6

Mangoneada makes for a refreshing snack.

This popular Mexican treat, reminds me of those crazy milkshakes that have become popular (the ones that are topped with candy, cakes and cookies), except the mangoneada can actually be pretty healthy. The basic version is a combo of fresh or frozen mango, chamoy, other fruit juices and spices. Again, just be sure to look for all-natural versions of the juices.

Get the recipe directions at MamasLatinas.


Puerto Rican limber is perfect for hot days. 7

My brothers and I used to beg my mom to make limber (a frozen treat from Puerto Rico) during the summer months, and sometimes even when it was cold out. Even when she didn't, we would sometimes buy them on our almost daily walks to the bodega. But, limber is actually super-easy to make with just a few natural ingredients.

Get the full recipe at Genius Kitchen.

Tequenos are like Latino mozzarella sticks. 8

Tequenos are basically a Venezuelan mozzarella stick, but instead of mozzarella dipped in breadcrumbs, it's queso blanco or frying cheese wrapped in dough. It's fried of course, but the homemade version is made from just a few natural ingredients and they can be made in bulk and thrown in the freezer to pull a few out at a time for a after school snack.

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Chili lime mango and papaya is an incredibly healthy snack. 9

I adore chili mango, which is a common Mexican street food, though it's not easy to find outside of certain cities and neighborhoods, but it's literally the easiest thing to make. It can be a little spicy depending on what kind of chili powder you use and whether you use cayenne or not, but it's totally customizable. My kids actually love the spice.

Get the recipe directions at A Spicy Perspective.

This papaya milkshake is creamy and refreshing. 10

Smoothies are a snacking staple in my home, but I usually overcomplicate things with five different fruits, a veggie or two and lots of other add-ins. My kids love this classic fruit batido. It made with fruit, milk, sweetener and ice.

Get the full recipe at My Colombian Recipes.



Elote in a cup is much simpler for kids to eat. 11

Elote in a jar is an easy to serve snack that can be made in advance for your kids to grab whenever they're hungry. Instead of a whole, hot cob, which is a little tricky for small kids to eat, the corn is cut off the cob, mixed with the traditional toppings in a cup or jar and eaten with a spoon or fork. Just be sure to check the mayo ingredients.

Get the full recipe at Delishably.

This classic rice pudding snack is always a crowd pleaser. 12

I'm pretty sure all Latinos eat some version of rice pudding or arroz con leche. I remember my mom and grandmother making up big, cinnamon-infused pots of it. It's a simple, filling snack or dessert that can be served warm or cold and is made with just a handful of ingredients.

Get the full recipe at The Grant Life.


Mango pineapple agua fresca is delicious and nutritious. 13

Agua frescas is a particularly good snack in the summertime when everyone wants light and refreshing snacks. It's basically fresh fruit nectar that is lightly sweetened, diluted with water and served over ice. This mango-pineapple version looks delicious, but agua fresca can be made with just about any kind of fruit.

Get the full recipe at Pineapple and Coconut.

Strawberries and cream paletas feature a winning flavor combination. 14

Paletas are another super-refreshing snack that kids are sure to love. It's not terribly difficult to find all-fruit versions in stores these days, but it's also really easy to make them from scratch. This strawberries and cream version looks out of this world!

Get the full recipe at The Other Side of the Tortilla.



This twist on avocado toast sounds amazing. 15

Drool. This extra-Latin twist on the trendiest of snacks looks uh-MAZING! Toast is topped with smashed avocado, thinly sliced mango and queso fresco, for a savory and sweet treat.

Get the full recipe at Analida's Ethnic Spoon.

This avocado milkshake is a pretty green color the kids will love. 16

This batido de aguacate involves just a few simple ingredients and has a lovely, creamy sweet-tart flavor.

Get the full recipe from Meiko and the Dish.


These tasty nuts have all the flavor of fajitas. 17

You can use a storebought fajita seasoning mix or combine your own fajita spices to make these spiced mixed nuts.

Get the full recipe from Santa Maria World.

Coconut mango muffins are a yummy treat. 18

These healthy muffins are vegan and dairy-free and have great tropical flavor from the mango, coconut and fresh lime juice.

Get the full recipe from Love and Lemons.


Try these paleo chicharrones for crunchy snack. 19

Unless you have a paleo diet, these homemade chicharrones might not be considered health food, but they're certainly better than the preservative-laced storebought version.

Get the full recipe from All Day I Dream About Food.

This piragua recipe is a classic. 20

Piraguas--essentially shave ice--are a staple in Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican communities in the U.S. This piragua de crema recipe is the most basic version, which can probably can make with what's already in your pantry.

Get the full recipe from The Noshery.


Your kids will not turn down these Mexican hot chocolate popsicles. 21

These Mexican hot chocolate inspired paletas are full of yummy ingredients like cocoa, coconut milk and cream, vanilla, cinnamon and hazelnuts.

Get the full recipe from Healing Tomato.

Kids will love this sweet blueberry mango salsa. 22

This blueberry mango salsa is just a tiny bit spicy and plenty sweet thanks to all the fruit.

Get the full recipe from Kim's Cravings.


This homemade lime cilantro hummus is so easy to make. 23

Adding fresh cilantro and lime juice to basic hummus really jazzes up this universally healthy snack.

Get the full recipe from That Healthy Kitchen.

This Mexican chocolate milkshake would certainly be a special treat. 24

Your kids will be so thrilled when you present them with this Mexican chocolate milkshake, which features dulce de leche or cajeta. Just be sure to buy all-natural ice cream.

Get the full recipe from Pati Jinich.


These chili-lime plantain chips are addictive. 25

I recently took a bag of store-bought roasted plantain chips to the playground after I picked my son up from school, and all of his classmates went nuts for them. They're actually so easy to make at home and this spiced version looks amazing.

Get the full recipe from Fed + Fit.

Try this secretly healthy mango and pineapple milkshake. 26

This mango and pineapple batido is actually made with frozen yogurt, and the mango, pineapple and coconut water add tons of nutrients.

Get the full recipe from The Harvest Kitchen.


You can make lime tortilla chips at home. 27

My family loves the taste of lime tortilla chips and I've always wondered if you can make them at home. You can and it's so simple.

Get the full recipe from Isabel Eats.

Sweet potato fries are always a winner. 28

There's not doubt that kids love french fries. These baked sweet potato fries have yummy Latin flavors like cumin and garlic.

Get the full recipe from One Green Planet.


Taquitos are a fun snack you can make ahead of time. 29

You can make a big batch of these meatless taquitos and freeze them for your kids to heat up whenever they're hungry.

Get the full recipe from Nora Cooks.


These yellow plantain bites are simple and delicious. 30

These yellow plantain bites have an awesome sweet and salty flavor from the addition of white cheese.

Get the full recipe from Cleverly Me.


Serve them something special with this cinnamon dulce de leche ice cream. 31

Homemade ice cream is so much better for you than store-bought, and it's actually not difficult to make at all. This cinnamon dulce de leche version requires fewer than 10 really basic ingredients.

Get the full recipe at A Latte Food.

These sorullitos are perfect with mayo-ketchup. 32

The dough for these Puerto Rican sorullitos de maiz con queso comes together so quickly, is all-natural and taste as good baked as it does fried. Be sure to make the homemade mayo-ketchup for dipping.

Get the full recipe from Simply Today Life.


These guava pastries a breeze to prepare. 33

These super-easy guava pastries take just a handful of ingredients to make, including store-bought puff pastry and pasta de guayaba. Natural versions are available, just be sure to read the labels.

Get the full recipe from A Few Shortcuts.

Tembleque is so tasty and easy to make. 34

I grew up eating tembleque, but it was usually made from a box mix. It's a custardy coconut treat that's actually really easy to make at home with just a few ingredients.

Get the full recipe from Modern Mami.


These Mexican-spiced chocolate covered almonds are totally vegan. 35

Nutritious almonds are dipped in mixture of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and spices like cinnamon, vanilla and just a bit of cayenne to make this delicious candy-like snack.

Get the full recipe from Create Mindfully.

You only need basic pantry items to make fresh sopapillas. 36

Instead of buying ready-made donuts and pastries that are laden with artificial ingredients and preservatives, whip up your own batch of hot sopapillas and cover them in cinnamon-sugar and honey for your kids to enjoy.

Get the full recipe from Tori Avey.


These tiny arepas are adorable and tasty. 37

Your kids will go nuts over these teeny tiny arepas filled with cheese, and they are literally so easy to make with just a few natural ingredients.

Get the full recipe from Living Sweet Moments.

This horchata is made with oats instead of rice. 38

Rather than soaking rice in milk, this hearty horchata is made with ground oats and milk.

Get the full recipe from Adriana's Best Recipes.


You won't believe the secret ingredient in this beautiful mango mousse. 39

The base of this creamy mango mousse is a surprising one: all-natural coffee creamer. Plus, each batch contains two whole mangos.

Get the full recipe from My Latina Table.

These crunchy taco cups are a great after school snack. 40

Instead of tortillas, these taco cups use wonton wrappers to create a super-crunchy shell to fill with ground beef taco meat and your favorite toppings.

Get the full recipe from Grits and Pinecones.