There's a lot of national food holidays out there. There's National Tequila Day in July and National Rum Day in August. There's National Guacamole Day in September and National Taco Day in October. There's even a day for those of us who love things like grilled cheese and spicy guacamole specifically. But possibly the very best national food holiday is National Sangria Day on December 20th. It's the perfect time to celebrate your love for this delicious, fruity beverage. And we can't think of a better way to do that than with these fun, relatable sangria memes. 


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The first thing you're going to need to celebrate National Sangria Day is your favorite cheap wine. In fact, we wouldn't even blame you if you decided to skip the gym and go for the wine instead. After all, it's just as good for you! The next thing you'll need is some of your favorite sangria recipes, whether they're perfect for the holidays, ideal for summer or just simply refreshing. You can't go wrong with any of those recipes, but a traditional combo of red wine, brandy, orange juice, apples and oranges might just do the trick. All that and some time to chill, and your sangria's ready!

The other thing you really need for National Sangria Day is, of course, to share it with friends. Whether you invite the chicas over for a simple serving of sangria and snacks or throw an all-out #WineWednesday fiesta (since the day happens to fall on Hump Day this year), no celebration is complete without sharing with your loved ones. You'll want the keep the kiddies out of this one but no reason to not hire a babysitter and go out with the hubby, at the very least. And to start: Check out these sangria memes that are sure to inspire your drinking joy. Hooray!