divorce cake

Cake has cornered the market on a lot of celebrations. Think birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and now divorces. Yes, divorce cakes are TOTALLY a thing. Kind of makes sense, right? After all, divorce is a milestone.

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We're not saying that anyone gets married with the intention of getting divorced, but it happens. So why not mark the end of a marriage and the beginning of the next chapter with delicous cake? Also, divorce cakes tend to be very funny. Food and humor are always welcome during big life changes.

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When you're so excited to kick him to the curb. 1

He may have carried you through the threshold when you first got married, but now you are so ready to kick him to the curb. 


A different kind of happy ending. 2

Your marriage may have a not-so-happy ending, but that doesn't mean you won't get a happily ever after. 


Don't give up on love. 3

It didn't work out this time, that doesn't mean it won't work out next time. 

Divorce cupcakes are also an option. 4

For cupcake lovers ready to move on to another lover. 


How clever is this Star Wars reference? 5

If the force was working against you during marriage, may divorce be with you. 


Good riddance to bad rubbish. 6

Garbage needs to be dumped. 


When you just can't anymore. 7

You said "I do" and you did, but you don't anymore. 

Cheetahs never prosper. 8

Being cheated on sucks, but this cake is pretty hilarious. 


For the newly unwed. 9

To new beginnings! 

Guess who got the house? 10

This way people don't have to ask indelicate questions about the division of property.