Chelsea's Messy Apron

When it comes to putting dinner on the table in time, we pledge to do our VERY best every day of the week. But then the week begins, and it gets busy, and before we know it...we're getting take-out again. But the guilt begins to creep in, that guilt about not putting food on the table. Thanks to these 40 one-pot recipes, dinner is now easier than ever. We recommend you pin this post or bookmark it so that you can plan ahead for the week with just a quick glance at this list of options.


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Think about it, with 40 different dishes to choose from, you will have more than a month's worth of dinner ideas. Not to mention once you get through the list, you can start right back at the top and work your way through it again without anyone getting sick of eating the same thing over and over.

Most of these dishes have just a few ingredients in them and can be paired with fresh fruit or a salad to round things out. And let's not forget that one-pot meals mean you'll have a lot less to clean up afterwards. Your time is precious and it is better spent hanging with your well-fed family than toiling in the kitchen for hours on end, right?

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