Summer is officially here and the weather is hot. You're probably spending most of your time at outdoor parties and BBQs. Sure, those are fun times filled with ever-flowing margaritas (yes!), but this year calls for something very special--the wine slushie! This fabulous new drink is going to be this summer's favorite new cocktail. If you have any doubt, just try one of these 12 recipes and you'll surely be hooked.

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Rosé Slushie 1

Rosé Slushie

Image via Style Me Pretty

Simple and delicious, there's no better way to celebrate summer than with the summer slushie cocktail that started it all. Get the recipe and enjoy every sip! 


Triple Berry Wine Slush 2

Triple Berry Wine Slush

Image via Real Housemoms

The berries in this scrumptious wine slushie help give it a dark, rich flavor that you and your ladies won't soon forget.


Strawberry Peach Wine Slushie 3

Strawberry Peach Wine Slushie

Image via Hungry Happens

Seasonal strawberries and peaches help take this wine slushie to the next level–-and make it a PERFECT cocktail this summer.

Lychee, Coconut & Rose Slushie 4

The lychee and coconut in this wine slushie give this cocktail the kind of special little kick that nobody will expect.


Aperol Rosé Slushie 5

Aperol Rosé Slushie

Image via Annie's Eats

Orange you going to want seconds of this?! Okay, silly puns aside, give your slushie an extra dose of liquor with the yummy Aperol twist.


Raspberry Rosé Wine Slushie 6

Raspberry Rosé Wine Slushie

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Raspberries work perfectly with this wine slushie. You'll love this so much that you better make extras for weekend BBQs too.


Ombre Wine Slushie 7

Ombre Wine Slushie

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Ready to impress absolutely ALL of your guests? Good! This ombre wine slushie is sure to wow even the most doubtful party goers.

Moscato Slush 8

Moscato Slush

Image via Jordan's Onion

The moscato used in this wine slushie makes for a really sweet cocktail that you're sure to want to make all summer long.


Rosé Slushie Float 9

Rosé Slushie Float

Image via Sed Bona

The multiple layers in this cocktail slushie are pretty impressive. So impressive, in fact, that you'll almost not want to share this one.

Frosé 10


Image via Bon Appetit

This is a "traditional" frozen rosé if there ever was one. If you want to experiment, try this recipe and then spice it up with some pineapple, mango or other favorite fruit for garnishes.


Strawberry Rosé Wine Slushie 11

Strawberry Rosé Wine Slushie

Image via Cooking Light

Strawberries and wine go as well as--chocolate and wine. In fact, break out your favorite chocolate dessert and go for seconds with this cocktail!

Wine Slushy 12

Wine Slushy

Image via Tasy Ever After

If you've always loved red wine but didn't know you could make an amazing cocktail out of it, then what are you waiting for?!

Get the recipe.