Have a heart and spread the love with some heart-shaped Valentine's Day crafts this year. Remember that Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love only. Share the experience with your kids and make one of these lovable projects together. 

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and many of these are easy to make with the kids. Go ahead, set up an area for the family to craft and enjoy making these projects!

Yarn heart necklaces are adorable and fun to make. 1

Use a little jewelry or craft wire and scraps of yarn to create this lovely heart-shaped pendant. 


Candy wreaths serve two purposes. 2

This candy wreath DIY literally lets a person eat their heart out. 


Love rocks, literally. 3

Use some liquid chalk pens to decorate rocks because LOVE ROCKS and you know it! 

Banana love message says it all. 4

This is a cute little edible and healthy Valentine idea to slip into your kid's lunch box. All you have to do is use the tip of a sharp knife to "draw" on a banana and soon the cuts will change color and become visible. 


String heart art is easily assembled. 5

This would make for a fun bulletin board type of display. All you need is some twine and thumbtacks. 

Toilet paper roll heart stamp is so clever. 6

This one is fun for preschoolers. Take an empty roll of toilet paper and fashion it into the shape of a heart. Dip the tip in paint and let the little ones stamp away on paper or cards. 


Chocolate heart bark is a yummy way to celebrate Valentine's day. 7

This DIY heart chocolate bark lets you break a heart and eat it too. 

Waffle hearts are so adorable. 8

Corazón-shaped waffles are another edible way to say, "I heart you mucho!" You can make them with a heart-shaped waffle maker or use a cookie cutter to cut round waffles into hearts. 


Crayon hearts add a nice pop of color to your home. 9

Turning crayons into crayon hearts is easy, fun and a great way to use all those broken bits that pile up. All you need are crayons, an oven and a silicone heart baking pan.

Got candy canes? Make these heart lollipops! 10

There's no reason to let all the leftover candy canes go to waste when you can turn them into Valentine lollipops