No-bake Christmas cookies without the effort with this super easy recipe

Making cookies isn't my cup of tea. I'm a full-time working mom of two young kids, so busy doesn't begin to describe it. That's why this recipe for decorating Christmas cookies, from our friends at Sugar Bowl Bakery and Gimbal's, is perfect! They're made from store-bought madeleine cookies, but no one has to know about that ...


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1 Tbsp. butter
1 Bag of chocolate chips (20 oz.)
1 Package of Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeleines, or any store-bought madeleine cookies

To decorate
Jelly beans, like those from Gimbal's
Candy canes


1) Mix a splash of milk, butter and half a bag of chocolate chips.

2) Heat over medium heat for 30 seconds and stir; repeat until melted and smooth.

3) Dip cookies and spread the melted chocolate frosting with a knife or spatula.

4) Dust with sprinkles and put in the fridge until the chocolate hardens.

5) Use jelly beans, candy canes, even pretzels to decorate. Cut the jelly beans in half to use as buttons, noses, eyes; candy canes or pretzels can be antlers. Simply use the melted chocolate frosting as "glue" to attach to the cookies. Use your imagination!

6) Enjoy!

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