Christmas time is all about family togetherness. Commemorating that togetherness in photos seems natural. The results are, however, sometimes more awkward than natural. That's great because awkward family Christmas photos like the ones in this gallery are so hilarious they put the merry in Christmas. 

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Have a look and get ready for some good laughs!

Santa and Mrs. Claus? 1

Is that Santa and Mrs. Claus or just a couple wearing unfortunate matching outfits? I love how they are both on tippy toes. 


Then there's the hilarious sleeping angel. 2

This picture would be totally cute, but it looks like this little angel accidentally got rompope in his bottle and passed out. 


Flippin' Santa is the worst. 3

Look at Santa's middle finger! He is one jolly GROSERO

There's no merriness here. 4

Not sure what the photographer was going for in this shot, but it certainly wasn't merriness. 


The not-so-classic decor and style. 5

At the time the decor and outfits seemed so classically timeless. Now? Not so much. 


There's the forlorn Santa. 6

This Santa looks so sad and it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. 


Stacks o' cash for the win. 7

Did Santa bring that stack of cash? Nice! 

No she didn't! 8

Maybe she's just saying she only wants to take one picture. 


The floral eye patch that stole the show. 9

I had no idea eye patches came in such festive options. Did you? 

Where's Santa? 10

Uh oh, did someone have Santa for lunch? 


Who put baby in a box? 11

Who put baby in a box?


The old put the baby in a box joke did not appeal to this little one at all.