The holidays are an absolutely magical time. The twinkling lights, the Christmas cookies, the presents under the tree... and the broken ornaments, ugly gingerbread cookies, bad family photos. Let's face it: sometimes the holidays just don't go as planned. But as long as we can laugh about it, we'll be okay. Here are 12 holiday fails to get you giggling through the season. 

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Image via Yuliana Gomez

Not Enough Tree Lights 1

Not Enough Tree Lights

Image via lemccoy/Instagram

Um... well, it seems that the chart at the store doesn't actually predict how many lights you'll need, huh?


Bad Santa Photos 2

Bad Santa Photos

Image via randipetersenhair/Instagram

I don't think this is exactly the memories his parents wanted...


Broken Ornaments 3

Broken Ornaments

Image via popejoys/Instagram

Oh, so many broken ornaments...

Someone Stealing Your Chocolate 4

Someone Stealing Your Chocolate

Image via scott.geffert/Instagram



Gingerbread House Monstrosity 5

Gingerbread House Monstrosity

Image via juliecatherine__/Instagram

It happens. Sometimes, we just get frustrated and can't finish cause... yeah, let's stop.


Baking Mystery 6

Baking Mystery

Image via fraidycatcarol/Instagram

I don't even know what's going on here.


Mislabeled Signs 7

Mislabeled Signs

Image via cashcat518/Instagram

Um, sure...?

Overdone Holiday Nails 8

Overdone Holiday Nails

Image via tanafofanna/Instagram

That red one? Yeah, it's a bit much. 


Scary Decorations 9

Scary Decorations

Image via juba_n_hobbes/Instagram

Creepy Tree Santa is going to get me in his sleep, won't he?

Bad Cookies 10

Bad Cookies

Image via lopletz/Instagram

Not quite the Christmas cookies of my dreams. 


Running Out of Eggnog 11

Running Out of Eggnog

Image via rebelbarbie5/Instagram

or coquito. Nooooooooo!

Toppled Over Christmas Tree 12

Toppled Over Christmas Tree

Image via ourlilytree/Instagram

Cats. It's always the cats! (I should know)