Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I couldn't be happier for the holiday. But no matter how much you love turkey and pie, it's easy to forget about all of the possible mistakes that can ruin your Thanksgiving dinner. Let's hope you're not one of these unlucky people this year, and we can just laugh over someone else's mistakes. And pray we don't make them ourselves. 

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Image via Corbis

Can't cut the pumpkin 1

Can't cut the pumpkin

Image via meanderingdesign/Instagram

I swear that knife wasn't actually supposed to get stuck...


Naughty Pets 2

Naughty Pets

Image via apetty03/Instagram

Bad dog! I said BAD DOG!


The wrong meat 3

The wrong meat

Image via lesdmess/Instagram


No good sides 4

No good sides

Image via gams3_r_us/Instagram

I don't think they got the point.


Cupcakes that look like ... 5

Cupcakes that look like ...

Image via lucylucylo/Instagram

I don't even want to address these.


Setting the oven on fire 6

Setting the oven on fire

Image via jenniehiggins/Instagram

I don't THINK that's supposed to happen.


Burned pumpkin pie 7

Burned pumpkin pie

Image via missmegafit/Instagram

Pie, oh, pie, you burn so well.

Family that isn't welcome 8

Family that isn't welcome

Image via camieshill/Instagram

Thanks, Mom ...


Broken centerpieces 9

Broken centerpieces

Image via vanilla_rayne/Instagram

Dear kids at the dinner table: stay away.

Being too tired for bed 10

Being too tired for bed

Image via baileybrooklyn_the_pom/Instagram

Food coma is so fierce, I think I'll just lay down here.


Brown marshmallows? 11

Brown marshmallows?

Image via kimfarr87/Instagram

They meant "burnt" when they said "brown", right?

Parade mishaps 12

Parade mishaps

Image wolverineafk/Instagram

Oh no, Spider-Man...


Spilled wine 13

Spilled wine

Image via tammyand1025/Instagram


Missing kitchen equipment 14

Missing kitchen equipment

Image via mary_y_gold/Instagram

At least we can be a little industrious, no?


So very many calories ... 15

So very many calories ...

Image via lilashkicker23/Instagram

So much food, so very much food...

Burnt turkey 16

Burnt turkey

Image via gordster/Instagram

That's it. GAME OVER.