Making cake is something difficult, sometimes easy, and sometimes the worst thing you have done in a long, long time. At least that's what I felt when I had my very own cake fail. Luckily, I'm not the only one! Click through for the funniest, most horrific cake fails you will EVER see. 

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Image via msirinagonzalez/Instagram

Don't Write That 1

Don't Write That

Image via adornthehunter/Instagram

I guess he wasn't specific enough, huh?


Remembering 2


Image via scotttheierman/Instagram

At least he remembered which DAY was important, right?


Shaped Like What? 3

Shaped Like What?

Image via deevaalicious/Instagram

I don't even want to talk about this one...

Turkey Cake 4

Turkey Cake

Image via cbeasley/Instagram

I don't think I could have EVER guessed this is supposed to be a turkey.


Melted Icing 5

Melted Icing

Image via emmahalskov/Instagram

Um, well, it's the thought that counts?


Bundt Disaster 6

Bundt Disaster

Image via emcherry69/Instagram

We've all been there... #ispeakfromexperience


Totally On Purpose 7

Totally On Purpose

Image via thomascorcoran1988/Instagram

Let's just pretend it was on purpose, ok?

Are Those Peeps? 8

Are Those Peeps?

Image via seejessrun711/Instagram

Anyone want to guess what happened here?


"I Tried" 9

Image via alexarielle/Instagram

Honesty is the best policy.

Red Velvet Hole 10

Red Velvet Hole

Image via workaholicphila/Instagram

How did this even happen?!


Happy Bthththg 11

Happy Bthththg

Image via btriz1987/Instagram

Something like that...

Happy Floor Birthday! 12

Happy Floor Birthday!

Image via bodyclarify/Instagram

When you just have to STILL put a candle in it. 


Peaks 13


Image via mrssinge/Instagram

I think it's supposed to look like mountains.

Just a Little Spill 14

Just a Little Spill

Image via cookingismessy/Instagram

WHOA! What happens now?


Hot Mess 15

Hot Mess

Image via beth_finney/instagram

Hot salted caramel and... uh oh!

Dia de los AHHH 16

Dia de los AHHH

Image via applejack157/Instagram

That is SCARY. Period.