It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a regular Thanksgiving and a Latino Thanksgiving celebration. The signs are everywhere and in everything. It goes beyond that pernil at the table, sitting right next to the big pavo, to the salsa and elotes used as the meal's sides.  

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But not just the food, the traditions shared at the table go beyond what we eat that day as well. Shall we review what makes Latino Thanksgiving unique? Read on!

The turkey might get pardoned. 1

The turkey might get pardoned.


Get this! At some Latino Thanksgiving celebrations the turkey gets spared because everyone would rather have pernil. More often than not, though you'll get turkey AND pernil or ham because ... PORK!!!


Did someone say tamales? 2

Tamales are NOT just for Christmas, they taste just as good on Thanksgiving, thank you very much. 


Pass the mole NOW! 3

Gravy goes great on mashed potatoes and mole on turkey is AWESOME! 

Cranberries get interesting. Very interesting. 4

Why have cranberry sauce when you can have avocado cranberry salsa? Long live fusion cuisine! 


Rice and mashed potatoes are standard fare for us. 5

It's Thanksgiving so of course you have to have mashed potatoes, but we need some arroz, too! 


Bring on the elotes! 6

I don't know about you, but I will pick elotes over canned corn any day. 


Salt, pepper and hot sauce--hot sauce must always be on the table. 7

There might not be any turkey, but you better believe there is going to be enough hot sauce to go around. 

Dessert is más better. 8

Dessert is más better.

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Sure there might be the regular old pumpkin pie or maybe even a pumpkin flan, but if you're really lucky you'll get chocoflan and boy, oh boy, will you be thankful! 


Let the games begin! 9

Someone is bound to bust out the cards, dominoes or lotería because Latinos know how to be grateful and have hecka fun at the same time. 

There might be a little too much drinking. 10

There's always that one tío or primo que se pasa con los drinks. I see a big bowl of steaming menudo in their future. 


It's all about familia. 11

It's all about familia.


In the end, a Latino Thanksgiving is really all about togetherness and family. The great thing is that you don't even have to be related to be part of the familia