With Christmas just around the corner, food is always on my mind. I'm constantly trying to find new recipes, but the truth is that it's difficult because so many of us are concerned with holiday weight gain. Instead of stressing about it though, I am doing something! Check out these 10 healthy Latin recipes that are perfect for the holidays. 

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Image via Always Order Dessert

Chipotle Coca-Cola Sweet Potatoes 1

Coca-Cola might not seem like the most natural pairing, but it adds some amazing sweetness to these chipotle sweet potatoes. Plenty of fiber and flavor? Yes, please!

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Mofongo Turkey Stuffing 2

Mofongo Turkey Stuffing

Image via Que Rica Vida

Mofongo is a classic holiday dish, and this version made into turkey stuffing is a really delicious dish. To make it a bit healthier, try it with turkey bacon instead of regular bacon.

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Skinny Slow Cooker Pernil 3

Skinny Slow Cooker Pernil

Image via Skinny Taste

Pernil, pernil, pernil! Cubans and Puerto Ricans love this dish for Christmas. This low-calorie version is definitely a must-have this year.

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Vegan Apple Natilla 4

Vegan Apple Natilla

Image via Simple Vegan Blog

Natilla isn't traditionally a very healthy dessert, but it can be when you opt for this vegan version made with apples! Yum.

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Arroz con Gandules 5

Arroz con Gandules

Image via Delish D'Lites

This classic Puerto Rican dish is a must-have for any holiday meal. I absolutely love it for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas, but make this version with brown rice instead.

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Jalapeño Cotija Corn Bread 6

Jalapeño Cotija Corn Bread

Image via The Latin Kitchen

Bread and biscuits are always on the holiday dinner table, and this Latin-inspired cornbread is exactly what I am loving this year. Just make sure to only have one! If you can...

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Chipotle & Guava Turkey 7

Chipotle & Guava Turkey

Image via Latina

A classic turkey recipe is always a must, and this chipotle and guava version gives us that much-needed Latin kick. Plus, if you focus on the lean, white meat, you'll save on fat and calories.

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Healthier Tamales 8

Healthier Tamales

Image via Cooking Light

Tamales around the Christmas dinner table are a tradition we can never forget, and this healthier-for-you recipe is a great way to celebrate.

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Healthy Caramel Flan 9

Healthy Caramel Flan

Image via Eating Well

Flan for dessert is delicious, but having one that's low-calorie and has scrumptious caramel is much better than an apple or pumpkin pie. I say, go for it!

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Pistachio Coquito 10

Pistachio Coquito

Image via She Knows

Coquito is a drink that we all love around the holidays, because who doesn't love an eggnog-like drink that actually tastes good? This coconut and pistachio version is even better!

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