overnight oatsLet's face it, preparing a healthy breakfast is kind of a drag. It's time consuming, and more often than not, the food kind of sucks. That's why I've pretty much relied on overnight oatmeal to stay trim and slim for 12 years and counting. A lazy mujer's dream come true, overnight oats can be prepared and packaged at night, and will be ready to grab-n-go in the morning. The best part, they're completely customizable and totally portable, making them the ideal breakfast for lazy chicas who couldn't give two forks about whipping yet another boring egg white omelet for breakfast.  

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Breakfast doesn't get much simpler (or cheaper) than overnight oats. Just mix your ingredients of choice in a portable container or jar, refrigerate overnight, and grab as you run out the door the following morning. Here are 10 simple but delicious recipes to get you started.

Image via domesticateme.com

Overnight oats with a blueberry-cashew cream 1

When combined with banana, blueberries and milk, overnight oats take on an ooey-gooey consistency that looks and tastes like caramel. How sweet is that?
Get the full recipe at naturallysassy.co.uk

Green monster vegan overnight oats 2

Green monster vegan overnight oats

Image via ohsheglows.com

Ripe bananas and creamy almond milk give this meal a sweet kick, and the greens give you a boost of essential vitamins and minerals. Get the recipe at ohsheglows.com.


Peanut butter and banana overnight oats 3

This combo delivers a one-two punch of filling fiber and fueling protein. Oh, and it tastes like a dreamy, creamy peanut butter oatmeal cookie. So it has that going for it, as well. Get the recipe at domesticateme.com.


Cocoa banana overnight oats 4

Cocoa banana overnight oats

Image via myfussyeater.com

This chocolate and honey overnight oatmeal is so decadent and creamy, you'll want to savor every last bite. Get the recipe at myfussyeater.com.

Blackberry mojito overnight oats 5

Blackberry mojito overnight oats

Image via spabettie.com

Morning mojito, anyone? Whether you make it with or without rum, this overnight oatmeal mojito is sure to get you off on the right foot. Get the recipe at spabettie.com

Mango almond refrigerator oatmeal 6

Mango almond refrigerator oatmeal

Image via theyummylife.com

Light and fruity, this overnight oatmeal is like a mini vacay for your mouth. Get the recipe at theyummylife.com

Overnight slow cooker banana and coconut milk oats 7

Not a fan of cold oatmeal? Toss your oatmeal fixings into a slow cooker, then set the timer and go to sleep. Wake up the next morning to the aroma of fresh-made oatmeal. Get the recipe and cooking instructions at theyummylife.com


Cinnamon roll overnight oats 8

Warning: You will get addicted to this cinnamon roll flavored oatmeal! It tastes just like the real thing! Get the recipe at mywholefoodlife.com


Almond butter chocolate overnight oats 9

This chocolately, almond buttery oatmeal is so delish, you won't be able to stop at just one helping. You've been warned. Get the recipe at mywholefoodlife.com

Banana nut overnight oats 10

Banana nut overnight oats

Image via abeautifulmess.com

If you like banana nut bread, you're going to love this yummy banana nut refrigerator oatmeal. Made with maple syrup, chopped pecans and fresh-cut bananas, this healthy twist on the breakfast treat is absolutey crave-worthy. Get the recipe at abeautifulmess.com