gift wrappingI'm one of those people that loves creative gift wrapping ideas. I think the presentation of the gift and the actual experience of unwrapping it add to the entire gift giving and receiving experience. I also love that it doesn't take much to make a gift look amazing and I'm not gonna lie, I like the creativity that goes into a lovely wrap job.

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Click through this gallery of 10 simple gift wrapping ideas I've put together. They are easy to do and the results are stunning!

Image via Thinkstock

Snowman tower 1

Snowman tower

Image via House Bella

Tell me this clever snowman gift tower isn't an adorbale idea? I particularly love that the idea came from a man. Who says men can't be crafty.


Simple wrap hack 2

Simple wrap hack

Image via YouTube

This cool giftwrapping hack is from a store in Japan. It's amazing how quickly you can wrap something with one sheet of wrapping paper, two pieces of tape and a bit of artful folding. Press play to see the hack in action.


Basic white 3

Basic white

Image via Love that Party

I love this simple yet elegant white gift wrapping idea embellished with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Candy toppers 4

What child of any age with a sweet tooth won't go crazy for these candy gift toppers? I love this idea and I'm totally going to use it.


Chalkboard wrapping 5

I am so tickled by this chalkboard package wrapping. When you check out the instructions using black crafting paper and a white painting marker you'll wonder why you haven't seen this done more often.


A simple bow 6

A simple bow

Image via Oh Crafts

Do not discount the power of a perfectly tied bow. Master the technique and simple ribbon is all you need to make gifts look gorgeous.


Baked wrap 7

Baked wrap

Image via Little Wren

Cupcake liner bows 8

Cupcake liner bows

Image via Create Craft Love

I can't believe this cute bow is made out of cupcake liners. It's such a great idea and cupcake liners come is such great patterns that the possibilities are endless.


Dandelion wrap 9

Dandelion wrap

Image via The Chic Site

This dandelion gift wrap idea might just be the most adorable use of cotton swabs I've ever seen.

Tiny bows 10

Tiny bows

Image via Eskimimi Makes

I love decorating packages with a tiny bow, but my fingers are too big to make such little bows. Thankfully we can all make tiny satin bows with the use of a fork and ribbon. Awesome!