avocado smoothieAvocado batidos bring all the health nuts to the yard, and it's really no wonder why. This incredible, edible fruit is chock full of healthy fat, and its pit is a great source of fiber. What's more, avocado's creamy texture and mild taste makes it an ideal swap for dairy and soy-based milks. Honestly, what's not to like?

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Avocados are so versatile, you can combine them with just about anything, and the result will still be amazing. But don't just take my word for it. The next time you're hankering for something sweet, thick and creamy, whip up any one of these 10 decadent, crave-worthy batidos, and sip to your salud!  

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Chocolate avocado goddess 1

Chocolate avocado goddess

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Avocado and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Combine this indulgent duo with a ripe banana, unsweetened almond milk and ice for a crave-worthy treat that clocks in at only 306 calories. Get the full recipe here.


Avocado citrus breakfast shake 2

Avocado citrus breakfast shake

The best part of waking up is this delicious batido in your cup. Made with tangy orange juice and creamy avocado, this breakfast shake will keep you feeling full and energized all morning long!


Avocado lemon honey batido 3

Avocado lemon honey batido

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Made with creamy avocado, lemon, and honey, this batido is the perfect antidote for a sore throat. Get the full recipe here.  

Avocado seed green smoothie 4

Avocado seed green smoothie

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You've been throwing the best part of the avocado in the trash! Stop that. Grind an avocado pit in a food processor, then add the grounds to your favorite smoothie for fast weight loss results. Here's one of our favorite avocado seed smoothie recipes!


Vanilla avocado smoothie 5

Vanilla avocado smoothie

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Made with Greek yogurt and honey, this smoothie is so thick and sweet, you'll swear it's a milkshake. Get the full recipe here.


Paleo avocado blueberry smoothie 6

Paleo avocado blueberry smoothie

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Can't stomach milk? Try this dairy-free paleo smoothie. Made with creamy avocado and blueberries, it'll satisfy your batido craving without upsetting your tummy. Get the full recipe here.



Cranberry avocado smoothie 7

Cranberry avocado smoothie

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This smoothie only has four ingredients: cranberries, banana, avocado, and orange juice. How's that for an easy-peasy recipe? Get the full receta here.

Power hour pick-me-up smoothie 8

I typically have this batido as an afternoon snack. Cayenne pepper and fresh ginger give this avocado smoothie that extra oomph I need to get through the rest of the day. Get the full recipe here.


Berry-cado smoothie 9

Berry-cado smoothie

Image via Babble.com

This berry smoothie is so thick, it's practically a sorbet. Not that I'm complaining. Get the full recipe here.

Triple chocolate avocado shake 10

The only thing better than a chocolate avocado shake is a triple chocolate avocado shake. Mmmmm! It seriously doesn't get any more decadent than this. Get the full recipe here.