DIY gifts Last year we put together this roundup of awesome DIY gifts for the whole family and you guys went crazy for it in a good way. I totally get it too, I'm big into DIY gifts because they are thoughtful, heartfelt and don't cost a bundle. Well, since I know how much you like DIY holiday gifts, I felt like it was my duty to find some great ones for you to make this year.

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Click through this gallery of DIY gifts I've put together where you are bound to find something for everyone on your list this year!

Image via Thinkstock

Peppermint soap 1

I love giving and getting soap as gifts. I had no idea until now that I could make peppermint soap in 10 minutes. This is such a great gift idea for tíos, tías, abuelos and even teachers.


Watercolor mugs 2

Watercolor mugs

Image via Poppytalk

These DIY watercolor mugs are made with nail polish, you guys!!! Don't they look posh? Perfect for your stylish amigas.


Candy sleighs 3

Candy sleighs

Image via JOYBOBO

These candy sleighs made with candy canes are sure to be a hit and they are so easy to make.


Monogrammed coasters 4

Monogrammed coasters

Image via Unknown Mami

I made these monogrammed tile coasters with spray paint and a stencil. I love them and want to make some for everybody now.


Tea wreath 5

Tea wreath

Image via Kojo Designs

I am in love with this handmade tea wreath. It's the perfect gift for any tea drinker.


Infused spirits 6

Infused spirits

Image via Betty Crocker

For those over 21 years old on your list, I love this idea of making some candy cane infused vodka. It ends up being red in color and oh so minty.


Movie gift basket 7

What kid of any age wouldn't flip for this incredible DIY movie gift basket? You can customize it to anyone's particular tastes.

Cinnamon vanilla candles 8

Cinnamon vanilla candles

Image via Yes Missy

These cinnamon vanilla candles look like they came from an expensive boutique, but you can make them yourself. The cinnamon fragrance will lightly perfume the surroundings when the candles are lit.


Scarf 9

Hey, scarves are never going to go out of style. This lovely scarf is knit with your fingers and only takes 30 minutes to make.

Sock monkeys 10

Sock monkeys

Image via Craft Passion

Instead of giving kids socks that they won't care about anyway, why not turn those cute socks into cuter sock monkeys?