3 Foods you didn't know you could peel with a spoon​

When you're rushing to head out the door and start the day, you might not always have the necessary tools on hand. And sometimes, the tools we usually reach for to do our daily tasks aren't even the best ways to get the job done. For example, how many times haven't we tried to peel a hard boiled egg with our hands only to end up crunching on shells throughout our meal? Below, three simple ways that a spoon--not a knife or your hands--will get the job done right every time.


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To peel a hard boiled egg with a spoon, tap the bottom or wider part of the egg on a countertop or hard surface to crack it open. Peel off the bottom of the egg and then take a teaspoon and carefully wedge it in between the egg and the shell. Slowly rotate the egg and glide the spoon around and underneath the egg shell to separate it from the egg white.

Ginger is one of those foods that seems a bit intimidating to attack with a knife. How are you supposed to get all the meat without tossing it right out with the peel? Turns out a spoon will do just the trick to scrape off the very surface of the skin without losing chunks of ginger in the process. The skin will easily peel away with the spoon, which will also give you easier access to any gnarly nubs on the sides.

Another food that is best peeled with a spoon is kiwi. This soft fruit is super yummy, which is why you'd probably prefer not to throw most of it out when you attempt to remove its skin. Start by slicing off the end with the stem on the fruit. Then, much like the hard boiled egg trick, you're going to slide a teaspoon just under the skin of the kiwi, staying just above the meat of the fruit so you're not removing much of the tasty fruit. Then slowly work your spoon around the kiwi until you've detached the skin from the fruit.

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