Halloween candy turned into holiday giftsHalloween without all the candy treats just wouldn't be Halloween, but the day after Halloween when so much of the candy is still left is just too much. You can't let your kids eat candy for days on end and you shouldn't be eating that much candy either. Time to do some confiscating, but don't worry I'm not going to ask you to throw away perfectly good candy. That would be wrong. Instead, I'm going to tell you to repuropse it for the upcoming holidays. You can use all that left over Halloween candy to make and bake some pretty nifty things that you can regift as fabulously edible holiday gifts!

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Check out these ten ways to turn your leftover Halloween candy into gifts and go ahead and start making them before the kids or you eat all the candy!

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Bark it up! 1

Bark it up!

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This is great because it looks pretty and if you put it in a tin and put a bow on it, who wouldn't be happy to get this candy bark as a gift?

Get the full recipe directions at keyingredient.


Can it! 2

Can it!

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Okay, this is so cute and clever! Separate the candies by type and then "can" them in mason jars. Even if you don't go all out and decorate the jars it's a great idea.


Ticky tack it! 3

Ticky tack it!

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If you are having any parties that involve kids, you can use leftover Halloween candy to decorate gingerbread houses. The the kids have a take-home party favor that they made themselves.

Wreath it! 4

Wreath it!

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Use that leftover Halloween candy to make a wreath. I think this would be a very cute hostess gift. It's something that could be put out for all guests to enjoy and wreaths are totally in this season.


Candy cake it! 5

Candy cake it!

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Instead of giving out the same old tired fruit cake this season, give out homemade candy cake!

Get the full recipe directions at Food Librarian.


Piñata 6


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You know what goes great inside a piñata? Halloween candy. This is perfect for kids who have those close to the holiday birthdays or having a piñata at a holiday party just because is always a fun option.



Advent calendar 7

Advent calendar

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It's almost time to set up the advent calendar. Lucky you, you already have candy to put in it!

Send it to work 8

Send it to work

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If you work outside of the home, bring a big bowl of candy to the office and watch your coworkers act like kids at a candy store.


Send it to the troops 9

Send it to the troops

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Operation Shoebox accepts candy donations year round. You want to send individually wrapped candies that are heat resistant. The candies are sent to troops stationed here or abroad.

Give it to the abuelos 10

Give it to the abuelos

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I think this is such a sweet idea. Have your kids put together mason jars or little gift boxes of candy for their abuelos. You know abuelas in particular love all those hard candies and like to keep them in their purse. You can gift these right away or have the kids save them to give their abuelos for Christmas.