Top 20 Latin Food BlogsMi gente, la comida es vida and that's all there is to it. Food is life and without it we die, it's as simple as that. Not only does food nourish our bodies and keep us alive, food is also the most delicious way to share, impart and keep our cultures alive in a way that nourishes our soul, that connects us to those who have come before us and those who will come after.

Now, whether you know it or not there are some amazing Latinas sharing recipes and their love of food online. Not only are these mujeres great cooks, they are the kind of women you would love to cook alongside. We here at MamásLatinas are huge fans of Latina food blogueras and we felt we just had to share our top 20 favorite Latin food blogs with you because they are like good food, better when shared!

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It was not easy to shorten our list to 20 and what proved even harder than that was deciding how to rank our favorites. I mean how do you pick among favorites? All we can say is we love them all and we think you will too.

Click through the gallery of our top 20 Latin food blog picks and get ready to drool. I've taken the liberty of choosing a recipe from each blog that I think you should try because YUM!

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20. Poor Girl Eats Well 1

If you think you can't eat well because your budget won't allow, then you really need to check out Poor Girl Eats Well by Kimberly A. Morales. This woman will show you the frugal way to eating phenomenally.

Recipe to try: Spicy Beef & Sweet Potato Tacos



19. Laylita's Recipes 2

19. Laylita's Recipes

Image via Laylita's Recipes

Layla Pujol of Laylita's recipes was born in Ecuador and currently lives in Seattle Washington. She's got a whole category dedicated to Ecuadorian recipes that you will love.

Recipe to try: Carne Coloradoa {Achiote Marinated Meat}


18. Hungry Food Love 3

18. Hungry Food Love

Image via Hungry Food Love

Melissa Bailey the author of Hungry Food Love was raised in the Dominican Republic and now makes her home in Upstate New York. She has a fantastic series called Lunes Latinos where she shares great Latin food recipes on, yup, Mondays.

Recipe to try: Tomatillo-Chicken Cheese Dip Sopes

17. The Noshery 4

17. The Noshery

Image via The Noshery

Meseidy the blogger behind The Noshery cracks me up with her decription of herself as, a "Landlocked Puerto Rican who must be within a five-mile radius of a plantain at all times."

Recipe to try:
Roasted Pumpkin Mole Spread


16. Always Order Dessert 5

Alejandra Ramos attended culinary school in Italy. She now lives in New York and started Always Order Dessert in order to  "have a place to share the stories, recipes, meals, and experiences" that her life is made of.

Recipe to try: Chimichurri Pasta Salad


15. Comiendo en LA 6

15. Comiendo en LA

Image via Comiendo en LA

Born  in Colombia, Natalia Carter, now lives in Los Angeles, California where she started her blog Comiendo in LA which has become a "hub for Hispanic foodies."

Recipe to try: Empanadas con Carne y Chipotle Sauce


14. Latin Food Lovers 7

14. Latin Food Lovers

Image via Latin Food Lovers

Luciana “Uchi” Davidzon moved to the United States from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although she comes from a "medical" family, her passion for food led her to create Latin Food Lovers. Her blog is a treasure trove full of Latino recipes.

Recipe to try: Quinoa Veggie Burgers

13. Hungry Sofia 8

13. Hungry Sofia

Image via Hungry Sofia

Ana Sofia Pelaez, the woman behind Hungry Sofia,  inherited her grandparents' 1970s Sunbeam mixer and as she attempted to recreate the Cuban desserts they had made with the same mixer, she fell in love "with absolutely anything and everything to do with food."

Recipe to try: Arroz con Pollo


12. Healthy Latin Food 9

12. Healthy Latin Food

Image via Healthy Latin Food

Irina Gonzalez chose the perfect  and self-explanatory name, Healthy Latin Food, for her blog. What you can't tell by the name of her blog is that she knows what she's talking about from very personal experience. She writes, "After losing 100 pounds, I transformed my habits in and out of the kitchen by eating (mostly) healthy food—with a Latin twist."

Recipe to try: Mexican Bean, Corn & Kale Salsa with Chorizo

11. The Other Side of the Tortilla 10

Maura Hernandez, the creator of the Mexican food and travel blog The Other Side of the Tortilla says, "The name of the blog is based on the idea that you may have eaten something a thousand times, but if you look at it in a different way—ingredient by ingredient, and with historical context to know more about where it comes from and why—you’ll notice something new about it that you perhaps didn’t see before."

Recipe to try: Tinga de Pollo


10. Pati's Mexican Table 11

Pati Jinich doesn't just have a blog named Pati's Mexican Table, she also has a cookbook and  TV show by the same name. Jinich was born and raised in Mexico, which is the first explanation she gives when asked where her love of food comes from. She played hard to get though and shunned a career in food for more academic pursuits, in the end true love won.

Recipe to try: Mole de Olla

9. La Cocina de Leslie 12

Leslie Limón was born and raised in Southern California on the delicious Mexican food her grandparents grew up eating in Sonora and Chihuahua. When she got married, she moved to a small town in Mexico where she "learned that not all Mexican food is the same and that it varies from state to state and sometimes even region to region." La Cocina de Leslie offers a wonderful collection of traditional Mexican recipes as well as "Mexican-inspired" recipes that Leslie prepares for her family.

Recipe to try: Spicy Salmon & Spinach Tacos


8. Sazón Boricua 13

8. Sazón Boricua

Image via Sazón Boricua

Jeannette Quiñones-Cantore developed a passion for cooking at a very early age. Sazón Boriqua is her online ode to Puerto Rican dishes that she beautifully showcases not just via recipes, but via her other passion: photography.

Recipe to try: Arroz Imperial

7. Nibbles and Feasts 14

7. Nibbles and Feasts

Image via Nibbles and Feasts

Ericka Sanchez is the creator of the bilingual blog, Nibbles and Feasts, where she shares traditional Mexican recipes as well as modern recipes with her signature Latin twist. Born in Mexico, raised in Texas and now living in California, she started the blog out of a "longing" to revisit time spent making delicious food and memories in the kitchen with her mother and abuela.

Recipe to try: Chorizo and Chickpea Orecchiette


6. Flanboyant Eats 15

6. Flanboyant Eats

Image via Flanboyant Eats

La cubana behind Flanboyant Eats, Bren Herrera, is the modern day incarnation a Renaissance woman. She can sing, she can write, she travels, she's stylish and boy, oh boy can she cook. You might be tempted to lick the screen when browsing her blog, just sayin'!

Recipe to try: Roasted Hazelnut Kahlúa Flan

5. Savoir Faire 16

5. Savoir Faire

Image via Savoir Faire

Enriqueta Lemoine isn't just one of our favorite food bloggers, she's one of us. We are so blessed to have her as one of the writers here at MamáLatinas. She never ceases to amaze us with her passion and creativity toward food. On her blog Savoir Faire you get to join her on her "journey through the pleasures of the palate."

Recipe to try: Jalapeño and Cheddar Cheese Muffins


4. Peru Delights 17

4. Peru Delights

Image via Peru Delights

Morena Escardo and Morena Cuadra are the mother and daughter team behind Peru Delights. They perfectly describe their blog with the following words, "Ever been to Peru? If you have, you will know this to be true: we are all OBSESSED with our food. We are proud of it, long for it, and love to share it! ... In this blog you will find everything you need to know on the subject, from the basic ingredients and techniques we use, to the history behind each dish; from traditional to fusion, to healthy, to tons of improvised fun!"

Recipe to try: Chunky Tomato Soup Inspired by the Andes

3. Sweet Life 18

3. Sweet Life

Image via Sweet Life

Vianney Rodriquez is the wonderful Tejana behind the also wonderful blog, Sweet Life. She writes, "Sweet Life is a delicious blend of tastes and flavors from my life." Not only can this woman cook, she also creates some of the most phenomenal margarita's EVER!

Recipe to try: Pumpkin Chorizo Queso Fundido


2. Muy Bueno Cookbook 19

2. Muy Bueno Cookbook

Image via Muy Bueno Cookbook

Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack started Muy Bueno Cookbook "as a journey of writing a cookbook" with her mother and sister, but it has evolved into a place where she preserves "generations of traditions en la cocina" and creates new ones.

Recipe to try: Apple Pecan Skillet Cake with Dulce de Leche Glaze

1. Presley's Pantry 20

1. Presley's Pantry

Image via Presley's Pantry

Our hands down numero uno pick for Latin food blogs is Presley's Pantry. We're huge fans of it's creator Nicole Presley who describes herself as "a Mexican-American gal obsessed with food." We describe her as whimsical, wacky, wonderful and wise. One of the things we love so much about Presley is that she is creating some of the most entertaining cooking webisodes you will ever see. I've included one below so you can see what I'm talking about.

Recipe to try: Chipotle Albondigas

Webisode to watch: How to Make Tamales